6 entryway shelving ideas that blend style and function – learn how to elevate this overlooked space

These entryway shelving ideas are the perfect way to create a space for storage and decor

Entryway shelving ideas
(Image credit: Living with Lolo & Life Created/Cathy Nordström & Laura Stephens & Boz Gagovski/Sacris Design)

Entryway shelving is as practical as it is stylish – lending additional storage spaces as well as an area to display decor, it seems like an essential piece to add to the entrance to your home.

Every entryway idea is different, so choosing shelving that suits the space you are working with will make all the difference. An entryway needs to function, so having different storage options for hanging coats, storing accessories, and keeping the space uncluttered is always a priority.

Whether you're working with a long, narrow layout, or something more spacious, there are plenty of styles to choose from. Here, we ask interior designers to share their favorite entryway shelving ideas that marry visual appeal and practicality.

6 entryway shelving ideas to update your space

Entryway shelving is the perfect way to create a scheme that feels stylish and elevated while still remaining functional. Whatever style or size of space you are decorating, there's an idea here to inspire your design.

1. Add a floating shelf for decor

Entryway shelving added above coat hooks

(Image credit: Sacris Design)

As the first part of a home you see, your entryway decor should serve as a preview into the rest of your home's style. Even the smallest of entryways can benefit from decorative pieces, and adding a floating shelf is a stylish and space-saving way to do it.

'As in many of our projects, there is a mudroom to help organize the family's stuff. In an entryway where guests will be coming and going, we like to add hooks, shelves, and a bench if possible. The shelf can be both functional and a place to display your favorite treasures and art,' says Jenn Sanborn, of Sacris Design.

Adding the shelf above the coat hooks makes the most of the vertical space and draws the eye up, giving the illusion of a larger space. Paired with the bench below, the overall design feels balanced and welcoming.

2. Introduce a built-in bookshelf

Hallway with bookcase and console table

(Image credit: Future)

The bookshelf wealth trend has been proving popular this year, but a beautifully curated shelf moment doesn't need to be confined to a living room. If you have the space in your entryway, adding a built-in bookshelf will instantly make the space feel more homely and inviting, while offering an abundance of space to add your favorite decor.

This entryway is a perfect example – a built-in bookshelf has been painted dark blue to contrast with the neutral wall color, while the shelves are filled with a balanced mix of books and decor pieces. Adding these more elevated decorative elements to an entryway ensures the space feels in-keeping with the rest of your home.

3. Opt for a wall-mounted shelving unit

Entryway shelving ideas

(Image credit: Brad Ramsey Interiors/Jack Gardner)

The style of shelving you introduce to your entryway will vary depending on how much entryway storage space you really need. If you simply need enough space to keep your essentials, a wall-mounted shelving unit, like in this beach house entryway, looks visually appealing while providing just the right amount of easy storage space.

'Most of the time, beach houses don’t need a lot of storage at the entry, just a place to offload beach bags, sandals and sunscreen bottles. So, an open shelving with space around or below it usually works great,' says Brad Ramsey, principal and founder of Brad Ramsey Interiors.  

When choosing your entryway shelving, make sure you opt for something that feels consistent with the design style throughout the rest of your home. 'I love to use the entry to thoughtfully give a taste of the rest of the design aesthetic throughout the house. It’s like a sneak peek of what’s to come,' adds Brad.

4. Create a focal point with statement shelving

Entryway shelving unit

(Image credit: Living with Lolo/Life Created)

In larger entryways, shelving is a great way to inject a more eye-catching design feature. A console table with shelves works just as well as floating shelves, and in this entryway, the curved shelf design adds a playful element to the space, complementing the other organic lines in the room.

'We introduced an organically shaped marble console to the entryway to create a striking contrast with the washi wallpaper. The mix of materials adds depth and intrigue to the space,' explains Lauren Lerner, CEO and founder of Living with Lolo

'The marble console, faceted mirror, and brass light fixture combine to infuse a touch of sophistication without coming off as overly pretentious, thanks to the harmonizing presence of the washi wallpaper,' she adds.

5. Disguise a radiator with a colorful shelf

Entryway shelving added above a radiator

(Image credit: Cathy Nordström/Laura Stephens/Boz Gagovski)

Radiators rarely look visually appealing, and in an entryway, they can feel like a dominating feature. Shelving is a great solution for this – simply adding a floating shelf above the radiator in a bright color or interesting shape can take the focus away from the radiator, essentially disguising it.

In this colorful entryway designed by Cathy Nordström, a green shelf with a wavy profile has been added above the radiator. Not only does this provide a place to keep essentials such as keys and trinkets, but it helps the radiator to blend into the wall and prevents it from being the first thing your eye is drawn to in the space.

6. Decorate an entryway with a hutch cabinet

Teal hutch

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

For a larger piece of furniture, an entryway can often benefit from a beautifully made shelving unit that has a mix of open and closed storage. This means you can display decor items at eye level, and messier items can be hidden behind closed doors.

'I love the idea of adding an entryway cabinet that features storage space below and shelving on top, as well as a flat surface to serve the function of a console table,' says Kathy Kuo, CEO of Kathy Kuo Home.

'A hutch cabinet in your entryway makes for a strong first impression and also offers tons of storage. Use the upper shelves for a mix of practical and decorative purposes; maybe one shelf features jars and trays with items like spare keys, photo chargers, and gloves, while another is for seasonal decor pieces,' she suggests.

Whether you're inspired by a statement bookshelf design or prefer something small and space-saving, these entryway shelving ideas offer a wonderful space for displaying decor and maximizing storage. Regardless of the entryway shelving style you choose, remember to ensure it works in your space, and serves the purpose you need it to. 

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