HGTV's Jenn Todryk says this fresh tone will be the new 'white kitchen' for 2024

'It's coming back in a whole new way' – the designer predicts this cabinet classic will rival the white kitchen in the year ahead

Jenn Todryk
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The ageless attraction of a white kitchen needs no lengthy introduction. This classic color has long impressed designers, many of whom label it 'timeless,' especially on kitchen islands and cabinets. It's hard to believe there is ever a hue that can rival its influence, but according to Jenn Todryk, it's possible. 

The No Demo Reno star says that white kitchens will always have their place, but tan-colored cabinets may be the biggest threat to its seemingly unrivaled success. 

'White kitchens have been around for decades, and they're still very much here. This color makes a space feel bigger and brighter, and you can’t go wrong with it. However, right now, tan kitchen cabinets are the new ‘white kitchen.’ 

Beige painted kitchen with natural walls

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'A light tan cabinet provides the same amount of space, openness, and lightness as white, but it has a little bit more depth and feels more organic but modern,' the designer says in an exclusive interview with H&G.

Beige kitchens are sometimes labeled as a 'classic neutral,' and tan shares these qualities; however, as Jenn explains, the hue is an earthier twist on beige as we know it. 

'Tan taps into lots of different design aesthetics, meaning it's versatile enough to work in any kind of home; that's why it's consequently coming back in a whole new way. This tone, in particular, has more depth than traditional beige – and it feels more organic. I love this color, and I'm seeing increasingly more people love it too.'

Jenn Todryk
Jenn Todryk

Jenn Todryk is the creator and owner of The Rambling Redhead, a blog focused on a mom sharing her life on the internet. She has a love for home decorating, which led to her show, No Demo Reno, on HGTV. She shares her home with her husband, Mike, and owns a local coffee shop, Armor Coffee, located in Allen, Texas.

Jenn Todryk

(Image credit: Lindsey Carpenter)

Colors aside for a moment, Jenn says that staging our kitchen is another powerful way to elevate our kitchens without the need for a large-scale renovation. And her staging tip translates to every room in our home. 

'Staging a kitchen and any room is one of the most impactful things you can do for your property,' she comments.

'If you have a room that's out of date, feels heavy, or old – you can completely clear it out without renovating anything. Stage with new furniture, and beyond the kitchen, add throws, pillows, and plants to transform your room without renovating. It's the most powerful thing you can do.' 

One of our favorite beiges, Backdrop's Ryokan Guesthouse, is the perfect starting point before we stage our kitchens with the perfect accessories. However, if we don't want to go the whole way, these tan kitchen essentials are beautiful alternatives.  

While white kitchens will never fall out of favor, we admit, we welcome the emergence of a new 'timeless' hue. A little competition is never a bad thing, after all. 

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