Jeremiah Brent just shared his top 5 tips for designing an office space – and we're taking notes

Designer Jeremiah Brent has learned a thing or two about curating a welcoming office space. Here's what he suggests for creating your own

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Curating a comfortable – and productive – home office setup can prove quite the challenge. And while it's natural to learn from your mistakes and make adjustments over time, going in with an office design game plan makes for a smooth transition and a rewarding work week.

Lucky for us, interior designer and television star Jeremiah Brent just took to Instagram to share the mistakes he's made while creating his team's office space, plus tips for avoiding them yourself – and it's fast track to design success. Here's what Jeremiah suggests, with a stylish and welcoming home office as the end goal.

'I share these as someone who has learned from his own ways, so I'm not judging, more providing you a blueprint for success,' he says in the video.

Jeremiah's top tips for office styling

With five genius tips, Jeremiah has made designing the ideal home office easier than ever –  and we're certainly taking some of his advice. From functional lighting to heartwarming finishing touches, it seems that Jeremiah's team is benefiting from his creative process. Here's how to get the look – and feel – right at home.

1. Invest in lighting

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First things first, Jeremiah suggests being intentional with your office lighting scheme, and investing in a creative blend of light fixtures. Though offices have been 'really conventional and a little institutional' historically, he says the office doesn't have to be that way – and shouldn't.

'Ambient lighting, table lamps, sconces, overhead lighting if you can do it, adds a lot of layers, it feels warm, and the space can transition through the day, not only for you but for the people you work with,' he says in the video.

By mixing up the lighting with different options, you'll be able to shift the mood of the space depending on the season, time of day, or even your mood. Your space will feel more like a living space than just the place you go to type away the day.

2. Create comfortable breakout areas

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The second tip Jeremiah suggests has to do with the moments you're not fully immersed in work, or meeting casually with your team. He suggests 'investing in comfortable breakout areas for your team' – though these work just as well if you're working in your own at-home office.

Create more laid-back spaces for having lunch, speaking with your colleagues or winding down at the end of the day by grouping more comfortable seating ideas together, or getting creative with recreational spaces. Decorate the space with items that make you (and your team) feel at peace will leave the workday feeling like a breeze.

'One of the things that I've always tried to do, especially with our office spaces, I've been wanting it to feel like a home away from home. Beautiful, comfortable sofas, places that people can disconnect to and have a little bit of silence, pretty things to look around and look at,' Jeremiah says.

3. Invest in one kind of dishware

Though he admits this tip is more for aesthetics than anything, Jeremiah says that investing in 'one central collection of dishware' will make an office's kitchen space more streamlined.

'The truth is, everybody brings their mugs, everybody brings a plate, and it ends up being like a graveyard of all the dishes you just don't care about from your house.'

If you're working with others, purchase a set of mugs, glasses, bowls, plates and silverware to ensure your team has everything they need to succeed.

4. Create space for storage

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Though Jeremiah's hesitant to admit it, offices need storage, and putting thought into office storage solutions that improve your workflow and efficiency makes quite the difference.

'I like everything to be beautiful, and I like to just get rid of everything. But the truth is, you need things. And the people that I'm around constantly at the office are reminding me,' says Jeremiah in the video.

Make your storage work for you by testing out what works best. Whether you prefer 'smart storage,' built-in shelves or vintage items, there are so many ways to make space for your work supplies. Just be sure to carve out a place at the beginning of the design process so your at-home setup doesn't fall into disorganization.

5. Consider functional chairs

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Jeremiah's 'last and biggest lesson' has to do with seating, as he learned the hard way that comfortable desk chairs are a must. After opting for vintage Cubist chairs that brought aesthetic appeal but little to no comfort, he says a change was necessary.

'I realized they were causing everyone in the office an immense amount of pain. So, unfortunately, you've got to find a nice balance between beauty and ergonomic,' he says in the video.

Make sure to pick seating that makes you want to keep working – the last thing you'll want at the end of a long day is an aching back.

At the end of the day, designing a home office is most successful when you're able to get your work done in a calm, collected way – and these tips will take you far. 'Invest in things that are going to make people happy and comfortable – seems pretty straightforward,' Jeremiah says.

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