How to create the viral Nancy Meyers-inspired look in your bedroom with 7 simple tricks from interior designers

Viral on TikTok and garnering 1,505% increased searches on Pinterest, the Nancy Meyers aesthetic is certainly having a moment – and for good reason

nancy meyers aesthetic bedroom ideas
(Image credit: Logan Killen Interiors / Photography Alison Gootee / Paloma Contreras Design / Shannon Eddings)

It is rare that the distinctive style of a movie director becomes an interior design trend in its own right. A love of live-action? Sure. A stylistic sense of humor? Absolutely. But Nancy Meyers, Hollywood's favorite grandmother, has done exactly that.

Inspired by the '90s and early 2000s rom-coms by the famed movie maker, the Nancy Meyers aesthetic is currently taking social media by storm. So much so that Pinterest's 2024 summer trend predictions reported an increase of 2,055% in searches for 'Nancy Meyers homes', and a rise of 1,505% for 'Nancy Meyers bedrooms'.

'Design enthusiasts gravitate toward Nancy Meyers' beautifully lived-in spaces because they are incredibly elevated yet feel familiar and approachable,' suggests Marie Flanigan. 'These rooms resonate with audiences, combining sophisticated design with a welcoming, homey atmosphere that feels both timeless and personal.'

Known for her visually comforting films like Something's Gotta Give and The Holiday, Meyers' movies are celebrated for their meticulously crafted, lived-in interiors. More than just an aesthetic, her movie sets evoke a feeling of comfort, calm, warmth, and joy. They feel like a hug from a loved one, and so do the elegant bedroom ideas in the films, making them the perfect inspiration for anyone looking to redesign a bedroom.

How To Create A Nancy Meyers-Inspired Bedroom

white bedroom with blue accent furniture and headboard and stacks of decor accessories

(Image credit: Elizabeth Cooper Interior Design / Photography Tom Grimes)

To complement her beloved characters and the lives they lead, Meyers' (and Diane Keaton's in Something's Gotta Give) style is the birthplace of the coastal grandmother trend. A style that invites relaxation into every room of your home. Which sounds rather apt for a bedroom design, doesn't it?

Crisp, classic, and coastal, the Nancy Meyers aesthetic is collected and layered. Think fresh flowers, stacks of books everywhere, cozy upholstered or antiqued furniture, piles of throw pillows, and an abundance of natural light.

'One key element we have found to be essential in our work is to create a cozy, laid back but elegant feel in the primary bedroom suite akin to a bedroom you might see in a Nancy Meyer’s film,' says designer Shannon Eddings. 'The key to capturing that Meyers essence comes through the layering of paint, textiles, and mood lighting to give it the room that grown-up but lived-in feel.'

Here, we share 7 Nancy Meyers bedroom ideas to help you recreate her nostalgic sense of style in your bedroom.

1. Start with a soft base color

neutral bedroom with layers of print, pattern and vintage furniture and accessories

(Image credit: The Misfit House)

One of the hallmarks of a Nancy Meyers-inspired bedroom is the use of soft, neutral color palettes that evoke a sense of tranquility and relaxation. Think decorating with neutrals like whites, creams, and gentle pastel greens and blues, often accented with layers of patterns and textures.

This helps to create a sense of light and space, which is essential for achieving the Meyers aesthetic.

'The foundation of paint colors and bed linens is kept light, airy, and neutral, while wood furniture brings warmth, patina, and sophistication,' suggests Monica Stewart, founder of The Misfit House. 'Adding personal layers with a handful of special textiles and loads of art creates a one-of-a-kind feel.'

2. Add a mix of contemporary and antique pieces

neutral bedroom with a black iron four posted bed and warm terracotta pink accents

(Image credit: Logan Killen Interiors / Photography Alison Gootee)

Nancy Meyers' movie aesthetic provides a blend of timeless charm and modern sophistication. This approach creates a layered, well-curated look that feels both eclectic and harmonious, allowing you to tell a story with your space, giving it character and depth that a single style might lack.

'This airy, yet warm, bedroom is layered with warm whites, an earth-toned palette, and elegant lines. The custom iron bed is from Doorman Designs, paired with the client’s own antique nightstand,' says Jensen Killen and Katie Logan Leblanc, creators of the bedroom above and founders of Logan Killen Interiors. 'The result is a quiet, comfortable space perfectly suited for a daily retreat.'

'Shopping vintage is great, but it’s what you do with it that makes it special,' suggests Dan Mazzarini of BHDM Design. 'Nancy loves to play with natural textures. Layer in natural elements like seagrass wallpaper, cotton rugs, matchstick blinds, and teak furniture with unexpected provenance antiques. Higher brow pieces, like a French deco table or woven seat from the Paris flea, add a sophisticated touch while you can achieve a rich textural appeal with textiles and fabrics from more widely accessible sources like World Market or IKEA.'

3. Level up your bedscaping

Blue and white bedroom with dark wooden headboard

(Image credit: Paige Rumore)

Bedscaping, aka the art of making your bed, is key to nailing the Nancy Meyer's bedroom feeling. A well-dressed bed invites relaxation and showcases your keen eye for detail.

'The key to a dreamy Nancy Meyers-approved bedroom design is comfort, quality, and breezy coastal elements,' says renowned designer Kathy Kuo. 'Start with making your bed itself a sanctuary with high-quality sheets, quilts, throw blankets, and pillows.'

But don't try to make it too perfect. Layering different textures and materials will not only add depth but also makes the bed feel more luxurious. When it comes to pillows, more is often more, and you want everything to feel a little rumpled and undone so look to fabrics with movement like linen.

'From there, invest in coastal beach or French country bedroom furniture that feels relaxed and lived-in, as well as elevated and luxe,' she adds.

4. Be sure to nod to the coast

blue painted bedroom nancy meyers inspired

(Image credit: Shannon Eddings)

'A Nancy Meyers movie bedroom is always calm, uncluttered, implies ocean views (even if there aren't any), and above all looks like it was decorated by a middle-aged woman in need of a fresh start,' describes interior designer Bethany Adams.

While her movies tend to suggest lives lived just a stone's throw from the water, that isn't always the reality (IRL, and in other Nancy Meyers' flicks like The Intern with Anne Hathaway which is set in Brooklyn). You could choose to reflect the serene, relaxed vibe of beachside coastal bedroom ideas with accents of watery blues and sandy beiges, or alternatively some coastal-inspired artwork and decor pieces will add a subtle touch.

'You won't find a lifetime's collection of anything in a Nancy Meyers bedroom, just crisp percale if she's a controlling type (like Diane Keaton in Something's Gotta Give) or maybe some rumpled linen sheets. Some sheers at the window, a great book, and a vase of flowers at the bedside table, and voila, you're ready for your next chapter,' she suggests.

5. Mix prints and patterns

neutral bedroom with twin iron beds and yellow quilts

(Image credit: Heather Peterson Design)

Mixing patterns and prints is a defining characteristic of the aesthetic, adding depth, interest, and a touch of playfulness. The key to successfully mixing prints is to stick within a chosen color story while varying the size, scale, and style of patterns. Typically, Nancy Meyers' interiors favor soft, neutral tones with accents of blues, greens, and other muted hues.

A consistent color story is essential when you're layering patterns as it ties everything together and prevents the space from feeling chaotic. Bedding, throw pillows, rugs, and curtains are all excellent opportunities to introduce varied prints.

'Whether it’s a modern take seen in The Holiday or the quintessential California charm of Something’s Gotta Give, these spaces are intricately layered with tons of detail. They strike a balance between livable and approachable, yet remain aspirational,' says Dan Mazzarini. 'The key to nailing the Nancy Meyers style is that nothing should feel too perfect or polished,' he suggests. 'Drape your throws on your bed casually rather than neatly folded, and hang your artwork salon-style for an effortlessly charming look.'

Marie Flanigan agrees. 'To achieve a Nancy Meyers aesthetic in the bedroom, mix a variety of textures, especially natural ones like linen, wood, and unlacquered brass. Embrace natural light to create an airy, inviting atmosphere and combine new and antique pieces to give the room a collected timeless feel.'

6. Mood lighting will provide warmth

blue and white striped bedroom wallpaper with a white layered bed and wall and table lamp

(Image credit: Paloma Contreras Design)

'As a director, Nancy Meyer’s spaces are thoughtful about lighting, so when all else fails turn to candlelight,' suggests Dan Mazzarini. 'Integrate dimmers, parchment shades, and candles to transform your bedroom from day to night.'

To achieve the cozy, welcoming glow characteristic of Nancy Meyers' interiors, start by incorporating multiple bedroom lighting sources throughout the room. Layering different types of lighting – ambient, task, and accent – creates a balanced and flexible scheme.

'The client’s goal was for this bedroom [seen above] to feel relaxed and coastal with an East Coast accent,' explains designer Paloma Contreras of this Nancy Meyers-esque bedroom that balances a table lamp on the nightstand and sconce for task lighting. 'Ultimately, we wanted the design to lean toward a New England look: tailored and polished and elegant, but in a casual way. I think we were able to achieve that. The home is timeless but has some unexpected touches that tell the story of the family and make it truly interesting.'

7. Add some personal touches

nancy meyers aesthetic bedroom with lots of family portraits on the walls

(Image credit: The Misfit House)

'Finally, adorn your walls with art and photos that fill you with peace: beloved family photos, seascapes, and bucolic scenes,' says Kathy Kuo.

To truly capture the essence of a Nancy Meyers movie bedroom, attention to detail is paramount. Personalization is key to making a space feel like home, it's the details that tell your story and make the room uniquely yours.

Think of your bedroom like a movie set, how would you decorate it to show the audience that the room is yours? Would you include framed family photos, heirloom jewelry, or travel souvenirs? Start by displaying keepsakes that hold significance and will bring you joy upon awakening.

A stack of your favorite reads on the bedside table will add charm and is a must-have in all Nancy-inspired rooms. Choose pieces that resonate with you for your wall decor, whether they are paintings, prints, or photographs. In addition to decor, consider including items that enhance your daily routines. A plush robe hanging on a hook, a favorite scented candle, or a soft throw blanket feel thoughtful.

The magic of a Nancy Meyers-inspired space lies in its ability to blend form and function. Her on-set bedrooms don't feel overly styled and precise, but also not too cluttered and over-stuffed. Every piece has a purpose, contributing to the overall harmony of the room

By focusing on these expert-approved tips, you can be sure to create a bedroom that not only looks beautiful but also feels like a serene retreat straight out of your most beloved Nancy Meyers film.

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