Pinterest's 2024 summer trend predictions are here – these are the design styles we can't wait to try out

From dopamine decor and the Nancy Meyers aesthetic to all-out vintage eclecticism, Pinterest predicts this summer will be full of 'vibrant' and characterful home decor

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby Photography; JHID / Photography Aaron Leitz / TaylorSmith Sustainable Construction; Fanny Radvik / Cathy Nordstrom)

It's hard to believe, but 2024's halfway done. And although the last six months have sped by, the interior design world has kept quite busy.

We've leaned into our love for literature by embracing bookshelf wealth, and tried a bit of rouge around our homes using the unexpected red theory. We've been a bit playful, trying out the eclectic interiors trend, and have fallen for vintage, analog interiors that channel the '70s (and prioritize all things calm). And looking back, the consensus couldn't be more clear: vibrant, characterful interiors are back.

Just in time for summer, Pinterest has released its seasonal trend forecast – and this year's your chance to 'embrace big, bold style.' Unique, characterful styles are getting lots of love on the pinning platform, and there's something for every home – and every distinct personality. These are the interior design trends that Pinterest predicts will last us through summer and beyond.

6 Pinterest trend predictions we can't get enough of

2024 has been all about making your home feel more like you, and Pinterest's trending searches prove it. Neutral, pared-back spaces are timeless, and certainly aren't going anywhere. But this year's bringing out more design creativity (and fun) than ever.

'Gone are the days of bland and generic beige interiors. People are yearning for spaces that burst with color, comfort and character, reflecting their individual personalities and creating a welcoming sanctuary that feels uniquely their own,' reads the brand's trend report. 'This trend toward personalized, eclectic and inviting home decor is driven by a desire to create environments that evoke a sense of joy.'

1. Nancy Meyers

A colorful fabric lampshade on a nightstand

(Image credit: Future / Brent Darby Photography)

The Nancy Meyers aesthetic is a relatively new interiors trend on the scene, but it's based on a timeless design style that we're sure will stick around. Based on the nostalgic, welcoming set designs featured in the filmmaker's work, the aesthetic features warm color schemes, pared-back pattern and a bit of vintage charm. The Nancy Meyers-inspired trend fits perfectly with homeowners' top priorities, offering a timeless look and inviting design features.

Pinterest reports that searches for 'Nancy Meyers living room' have increased by 2,090% since this time last year, with searches for 'Nancy Meyers homes' trailing just behind at 2,055%. Bedrooms and kitchens channeling the look aren't far off either, garnering 1,505% and 620% increases respectively.

2. Whimsical decor

Colorful green kitchen

(Image credit: deVOL)

If you're done taking your home too seriously, this one's for you. Our home decor should always include a fair share of whimsy and fun, and Pinterest predicts that whimsical decor will remain at the top of users' lists.

This exciting, expressive style has a sense of humor, and relies on pairings of distinct, unexpected styles. With 'whimsical decor' up 4,690% since last year, and the long-lasting 'dopamine decor' trend up 280%, now's the time to create a space that boosts your mood and makes you happy. Bright colors, bold patterns, and mismatched styles are all fair game.

3. Dopamine decor

maximalist living room with teal walls and ceiling, bright pink artwork and colorful sofa and cushions

(Image credit: Nadia Watts Interior Design, photography Nickolas Sargent)

Dopamine decor is one of the longest-lasting trends on the list, and for good reason. The fun-forward, anti-boring look is all about what makes you (and only you) happy. A trend that, at its core, pushes back against the endless cycle of what's in, out, or back in again, dopamine decor can be whatever you'd like it to be.

As long as your home makes you feel good, you're right on track. Typically, bright colors and unique shapes make up the bulk of this style, with bold wallpaper and lush textures making tasteful appearances.

4. Color drenching

A color drenched maroon room designed by Marie Flanigan Interiors

(Image credit: Julie Soefer / Marie Flanigan Interiors)

Searches for 'color drenching' are up 990% since this time last year, yet another indication that bold shades are here to stay. This painting technique is impactful and gives interiors a high-end, design-forward look that's hard to beat.

In this gorgeous home library, designed by Marie Flanigan Interiors, color drenching can be seen in full force. With a deep, maroon hue covering the walls, trim, windowpanes, and ceiling, this room is a statement of its own. Different finishes on different surfaces prevent color drenching from becoming too intense for everyday enjoyment. If you're after a dynamic, cocooning space, color drenching is a timeless, enduring technique to take on.

5. Eclectic decor

A dining room with a full bookcase

(Image credit: Fanny Radvik / Cathy Nordstrom)

The eclectic interiors trend feels like a natural offshoot of the bookshelf wealth aesthetic (which skyrocketed in popularity earlier this year), as it embraces characterful, personality-driven, and collected approaches to interior design. Decorating with family heirlooms, exciting pattern, and generally unusual furniture and decor is the name of the eclectic interiors game.

This trend also goes hand in hand with a renewed love of all things vintage, and Pinterest reports that searches for 'vintage eclectic home' increased by 1,418% since this time last year. 'Pastel eclectic decor' was up 130% too, a nod to the recent love that vintage, pastel kitchens and bathrooms have received.

6. Vintage decor

wood clad retro bathroom with checkerboard floors

(Image credit: JHID / Photography Aaron Leitz / TaylorSmith Sustainable Construction)

Vintage furniture and decor has never, and will never, go out of style, but more and more designers and homeowners are turning to pre-loved items to spruce up their design schemes this year. With retro looks on the rise, and transitional style – a considered mix of vintage and contemporary elements – back in fashion, it's no surprise that searches are up for all things vintage.

Pinterest reports that searches for 'vintage plates on walls' are up 119% from last year, with 'vintage dinnerware' just ahead at 212%. 'Vintage Americana,' too, is up by 164% this year. What's more, 'grandma-core bedroom' has been searched for 2,605% more this year than last, indicating that people are looking for the lived-in, collected-over-time aesthetic that embraces vintage charm.

Vintage can be quite the bargain and adds characterful charm to any interior. Try mixing styles and time periods for a homey look that'll never date.

Interior design is not all about the trends, but these Pinterest picks are promising – they all rely on personality-driven design choices rather than fleeting fads. If spent devoting more attention to fun-forward design features and seeking out vintage charm, this summer will be one to remember.

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