Powder rooms are one of Nate Berkus' 'all-time favorite' rooms to design – here's why the designer loves these small spaces

When space is limited, there's all the more reason to embrace a bold look

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Although powder rooms are small, they are often some of the most exciting spaces in the home to design and decorate.

That's certainly the belief of interior designer Nate Berkus, who says these small rooms are one of his 'all-time favorite rooms to design' – and for good reason. You can embrace a more daring approach in these space-restricted spaces than in larger rooms where cost and livability factors can result in a slightly toned-down approach to decor.

Taking to Instagram, the NYC-based designer shared a video in which he talks through the joy of designing powder rooms, and how they present so much opportunity for creativity. Read on to gain some decor inspiration for these small but impactful spaces. 

Nate explains that he loves designing powder rooms because of the opportunity they allow to incorporate 'really special things' due to their small proportions. 'You don't need a lot of wallpaper; you don’t need a lot of mirrors; you don't need a lot of a beautiful paint color or a beautiful pattern; or an upholstered wall,' says Nate in the video.

'When something is tiny and the scale is really small, you can make it really special without spending the entire budget,' the designer continues.

As an example, decorating with wallpaper is commonly embraced in powder rooms. While wallpaper can often be an expensive decor choice when large quantities are needed, such as in bedrooms as Nate goes on to suggest, powder rooms can often be a more realistic way to channel a favorite style since the wall space to fill is considerably less. 

Windowless powder room with dark wallpaper

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Of course, the design and decor of your powder room should align with the style of the rest of your home to ensure some level of consistency, but going a bit moodier with a statement wallpaper in small powder rooms is a trend that's been gaining plenty of traction recently.

This works especially well in powder rooms with limited light, where a dark color scheme achieved through a statement wallpaper creates a cozy feel and dramatic look. 

But beyond wallpaper, think about what decor you admire most that may be too costly for larger spaces, and see it as an opportunity to channel it in the powder room. 

Feeling inspired to elevate your powder room? Whether you're starting a powder room remodel or want to make some smaller decor upgrades, shop the below decor items to elevate this small room. From adding a statement wallpaper to making a mirror the focal point, these pieces will ensure your powder room has plenty of design interest.  

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