Love the trending Nancy Meyers aesthetic? Take it one step further with these '90s and 2000s rom-com-inspired design tips

Rom-com-inspired interiors are nostalgia-inducing and inviting. This is how to embrace the timeless look

(Image credit: Paloma Contreras Design; Kathy Kuo Home; The Misfit House)

If you regularly re-watch classic romantic comedies from the '90s and early 2000s, you're certainly not alone. The characters, iconic fashion choices, and swoon-worthy love stories are still hard to top, and they always deliver a healthy dose of nostalgia. But one detail of the rom-com genre that'll never go out of style (and that's trending now) has nothing to do with falling in love.

The interior design style made popular by Nancy Meyers and other standout rom-com filmmakers is having a moment for 2024. Defined by understated patterns, a neutral (yet playful) color scheme, and vintage details, the rom-com-inspired look is oh-so-adorable.

Easy to replicate in your own space and made to last, this interior design trend is a fast track to recreating the Nancy Meyers aesthetic at home. This is why designers love the look, and how they'd bring the nostalgic style into interior design schemes.

What is the rom-com-inspired decor trend?

blue and white striped bedroom wallpaper with a white layered bed and wall and table lamp

(Image credit: Paloma Contreras Design)

'The decor from '90s and 2000s rom-coms is beloved by all, and has a timeless appeal. It evokes a sense of nostalgia and comfort in those who lived through the era, and people born after want to romanticize their lives with this style – which has also been resurging in fashion,' says Grace Baena, interiors curator for Kaiyo. We explore interior design trends influenced by fashion trends in our dedicated feature.

'Pre-dating social media, the look prioritizes personality, warmth, and charm over the fleeting home decor trends we often see across social media. The result is an authentic, eclectic style that is not tied to a specific design movement, and that stands the test of time,' she continues.

After an era of pared-back, neutral interior spaces, homeowners and designers alike are looking to experiment with a bit more color, to help create a home that feels wonderfully characterful and cozy. And rom-com-inspired interiors are doing just that, bringing an analog, sentimental look that's hard not to fall in love with.

'Rom-com interiors are an adaptable style that can be as expansive or intimate as you want. The trend creates a light-hearted feel that wraps you in a warm hug, making your home feel like the setting of a rom-com. Incorporating classic natural woods and pastel room ideas helps to make a house look cozy, creating an atmosphere that anyone will love,' says Dayna Isom Johnson, trend expert at Etsy.

Chelsea Clark of Lust Home says that the rom-com-inspired look combines gorgeous, elevated design details with comfort and function. These spaces look lovely, but still cater to the need for a serene, cocooning retreat at the end of a long day.

Why do designers love the look?

soft green bedroom with antique nightstand and vintage rug with accessories

(Image credit: The Misfit House)

'You've Got Mail, The Holiday, and It's Complicated all have this warm and fuzzy, nostalgic feeling whenever I put these movies on (which is more often than not!),' says Cynthia Tran, principal and founder of San Francisco-based design firm Cynthia Lananh. 'The playfully whimsical interiors shown in each scene, with lush fruit bowls, fresh florals, ambient lighting, and a plethora of delicious food, wine, and candles, is never lost on me...'

Part of the rom-com-inspired look's appeal is that it doesn't lean too neutral, and doesn't go over the top. It blends styles and time periods with ease, making for a timeless, transitional design aesthetic overall. Cynthia adds that she enjoys the unconventional pairings that, together, create a soothing, chic style.

'Each scene evokes a feeling of elevated whimsy, while also feeling classic and timeless. A blend of aesthetics are pulled together, which include traditional silhouettes paired with contemporary accent pieces – like a traditional cabinet next to a transitional armchair with a slipcover, or a softly lit table lamp with a vintage pleated table lampshade, vintage colored glassware, patterned plates, and fun shapes in hardware,' says Cynthia.

living room with plaster pink walls, green patterned sofa and wooden chair next to window

(Image credit: Cathy Nordström)

'When it comes to rom-com-inspired decor, Nancy Meyers is really the gold standard. Movies like Something's Gotta Give and It's Complicated really epitomized a certain look of lived-in luxury – cozy cashmere blankets, expansive kitchen ideas, and overstuffed slipcovered sofas – that feels equal parts traditional and quirky,' says Kathy Kuo, interior designer and founder of Kathy Kuo Home. 'It's also worth noting that when we associate home aesthetics with beloved movies from times gone by, there's a certain pull of nostalgia and wanting to recreate happy memories from the past,' she continues.

Whether you love hosting and have frequent guests, or simply want to give your home a cozy, homey refresh, chances are rom-com-inspired decor is perfect for you. The style is 'highly approachable and inviting,' says Jessica Cinnamon, interior designer and founder of Jessica Cinnamon Design. 'With a touch of whimsical elements and full of personality, this collected-over-time look is cozy, highly personal, and anti-trend,' she says.

How to get the rom-com look at home

white coastal living room with blue patterned wallpaper and a large fireplace

(Image credit: Kathy Kuo Home)

The rom com-inspired look is personal and characterful, so every space will look a bit different, but interior designers say there are a few key features that set the style apart. Jessica suggests shopping for vintage at estate sales, thrift stores, and flea markets to get the vintage, nostalgic part of the style down first.

Chelsea agrees, adding that layering is a vital part of the rom-com look. Combine textures, patterns, and cozy accessories like throw blankets and patterned rugs to 'add warmth and comfort to your space,' she says. It's all about making the space your own and oh-so-cozy, so make sure every design element speaks to you before bringing it into the space.

'Combine vintage and modern furniture pieces, seeking items that have character, like a well-loved leather sofa or a vintage wooden coffee table. Incorporate personal items such as framed photos, beloved books, and quirky knick-knacks to add personality and make the space feel uniquely yours. Decorate with art and accessories that reflect your interests and passions. From movie posters to vintage finds, these items can make your space feel curated and personal,' says Chelsea.

Bedroom with patterned wallpaper, lampshade and bedding

(Image credit: Cathy Nordström/Paul Massey)

'Choose slip-cover furniture, reading lamps, wooden consoles and dressers, and textured accent pieces in seagrass, rattan, and wicker for a look that feels layered, inviting, and unique. Overflowing bookshelves, fresh flowers, lit candles, family heirlooms, artwork, and draped blankets are the perfect finishing touches,' adds Grace.

As Cynthia notes, the rom-com aesthetic goes beyond the furniture and decor – it's an entire lifestyle. She suggests incorporating items like 'curated book displays' (with an emphasis on cookbooks), family photos, and 'a full bowl of fresh lemons.' 'And never forget the best candles, and luscious amounts of home-cooked dishes and wine. Anything to make a space feel warm, cozy, layered, and inviting,' says Cynthia.

Room color ideas play a large role in the Nancy Meyers-esque trend, despite the pared-back approach to color palettes these spaces adopt. Dayna recommends adding small pops of color throughout with accessories and subtle patterns.

'Another great way to add a pop of color is by adding a rug to a room. With so many varieties and colors, rugs can easily fit into any space while adding a fresh and flirty flair. Whether it's turquoise trinket dishes or peach throws, bringing color back into your space is an easy way to breathe life into your home,' she says.

Make the Nancy Meyers universe come alive in your own home with these designer-approved tips for getting the rom-com-inspired look down. Whether you simply add a small touch of vintage, or lean into the aesthetic all the way, your home will be cozier (and more loveable) for it.

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