Shea McGee says this couch layout will make your space feel 'designer' – and it starts with a console table

Interior designer Shea McGee just shared how she styles a console table behind the sofa for visual interest and extra storage. This is how to bring the look home

A living room with a console table behind a sofa
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Getting the layout of your living room down is no easy feat, and it sometimes takes some rearranging before it looks just right. Whether you've got all the space in the world, or some of your furniture is proving a bit unwieldy, you might be looking for fresh and exciting layout ideas to help you make the next move.

Luckily, interior designer Shea McGee just took to Instagram to share a living room layout hack that leaves your room with a 'designer' look (and the perfect lighting). By fitting a small console table in between the sofa and the wall, she adds dimension and visual interest to the living room. Here's how Shea masters the look, all while maintaining her signature modern charm style.

How to try the console table trick at home

'One other thing we did in here is style a console between the wall and the sofa. This is a tip if you have an extra 12 to 18 inches to spare in your living room and the setup is a sofa against the wall, try to pull the sofa forward and incorporate a console,' Shea says in the video, filmed amongst McGee & Co.' Spring Collection in Ojai, California.

While the living room without the console 'would fall kind of flat,' Shea says the added table created 'additional surface for styling,' making the space more interesting. Plus, she was able to add the Bettencourt Table Lamp from McGee & Co., which brings sophisticated design and a touch of ambient lighting to the high-use space.

'This helps your room feel more designer than pushing your furniture up against the walls,' she explains.

Shea McGee
Shea McGee

Interior designer, Shea McGee founded her iconic design firm, Studio McGee, with her husband Syd in 2014. They later launched their e-commerce brand, McGee & Co, and starred in their very own Netflix show, Dream Home Makeover.

A console table behind a sofa with fake plants

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

In addition to the lamp, Shea stacks books, decorative accessories and faux plants on the console, creating a lively and homey overall look. Behind the console, a large, nature-inspired print steals the show.

'The artwork that is the focal point of this living room look is definitely inspired by the landscape here in Ojai. Every home that I design I always try to find a piece or two that reflects the landscape around us so that we can bring that outdoors in,' says Shea.

The faux plants stacked atop the console come from McGee & Co.'s Spring Collection, and add texture and a rustic feel to the space. When designing your own console, the possibilities are truly endless – as with styling a coffee table – this is an opportunity to let your personality shine.

A white sofa with throw pillows in front of a decorated console table

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

By giving this statement sofa some room to breathe by breaking up the space with a console table, Shea allows us to appreciate each and every gorgeous design detail present in the space. Plus, the console is functional, allowing for additional place to set drinks or stow family heirlooms. The perfect height to remain mostly hidden behind the couch, the table doesn't detract from this beautiful modern rustic room.

Shea's smart console table trick leaves the room feeling spacious – and graced with a designer's eye. By adding a bit of ambient lighting and fresh accessories to this newfound focal point, your living room layout is sure to shine.

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