What are the most underrated sofa colors? Interior designers share their favorite seating shades

Sick of your plain white sofa? These are the colors that deserve a little more love, according to designers

Three underrated sofa colors
(Image credit: West Elm; Jaqueline Marque / Jennie Bishop for Studio Gild; Future)

If you're on the hunt for a new sofa and want to make a true statement with your living room design scheme, a simple white or gray shade might not do. And with such a wide array of sofas on the market, there's no need to stick to the basics. Bright and vivid or dark and moody, the perfect sofa for your space is waiting for you – but you might need to think out of the box to find it.

To help you brainstorm stunning living room sofa shades, we spoke with interior designers who shared the top six colors they consider underrated – and we love all their picks. No matter your living room's look, experts say these are the sofa colors that should be getting more attention.

6 underrated sofa colors, according to designers

Your sofa doesn't need to be boring – once you know which couch colors to avoid, you can pick something on-trend yet timeless that channels your personality. These are the six shades that interior designers say are underrated (and sure to spruce up any living room design).

1. Green

A green sofa in a well-lit living room

(Image credit: Jonathan Adler)

Green is all the rage in 2024, with dark shades like forest green dominating the design world, so it's no surprise that green sofas are on designers' lists of underrated shades. Kathy Kuo, interior designer and founder of homeware brand, Kathy Kuo Home, says she's a 'longtime proponent of green sofas.'

'From sage to moss to forest green and emerald, green tones are actually super versatile for sofas. Greens tend to feel very organic and nature-inspired and they're easy to mix and match with a variety of contrasting colors,' says Kathy.

Colors that go with a green couch include warm browns, deep earthy shades, and lighter pastel hues – the design opportunities are nearly endless. Plus, Kathy says the wide range of upholstery textures and materials on offer gives each green sofa a completely unique look.

'For example, a sage green sofa in velvet will feel very upscale and posh, whereas a sage green sofa in linen is going to have a laid-back coastal look,' she says.

2. Camel

Zander Leather Sofa

(Image credit: West Elm)

'I love a camel colored sofa or a green sofa – they are warm and medium-toned and something I consider neutral,' says Elizabeth Krueger, principal designer of Elizabeth Krueger Design

Along with the beloved green shade, Elizabeth recommends camel-colored sofas for the welcoming, cozy look they bring to any living room. A bit more upscale than a classic brown couch in the living room, camel is earthy, luxurious and easy to blend with other colors. In this living room, designed by West Elm, a camel-colored leather sofa acts as a grounding foundation for a stunning modern organic color scheme.

3. Brick red

A maximalist living room with artwork and a red, curved couch

(Image credit: Studio Duggan)

Kailee Blalock, co-founder and principal designer of House of Hive Design Co., says this shade is trending for a reason, but still wants to see it in more interior spaces. Brick red, along with olive green, is making waves in sofa design for its deep, welcoming hue that pairs easily with classic living room colors. 

In this living room by Studio Duggan, a curved brick red sofa with patterned detailing blends seamlessly with a semi-maximalist space. Kailee adds that picking out a sofa is incredibly important when putting together a living room – it can alter the feeling of the space in an instant.

'A sofa serves as one of the most effective means to infuse color into a space due to its substantial presence. The size, color and shape of a sofa have the potential to completely transform the aesthetic of a room,' says Kailee.

4. Cornflower blue

A living room with a large window, sofa, and overhead light fixture

(Image credit: Anna Stathaki / Future)

'In my opinion, one of the sofa colors that often doesn't get enough attention is cornflower blue. It's a vibrant and lively shade that can really bring life to a room,' adds Taylor Troia, co-founder and principal of House of Hive.

This stunning blue shade is the perfect mix of adventurous and classic, grounding a space with calming atmosphere. While still vibrant and exciting, it allows for exploration with pattern and color elsewhere in the space. In this blue sofa living room, the cornflower couch pairs beautifully with natural wood tones and floor-to-ceiling green curtains.

5. Saffron

A bright yellow sofa in a moody room with a gallery wall and hanging light fixture

(Image credit: Jaqueline Marque / Jennie Bishop for Studio Gild)

Jennie Bishop, co-founder of Studio Gild – a design firm with offices in New York, Chicago, and Los Angeles – says this cheery shade requires a bit of design confidence. Nevertheless, she says it deserves a place in even more interior spaces.

'I love a saffron-colored mohair, and that can go in so many different interiors if the owner is adventurous,' says Jennie.

In this banquette seating area, designed by Jennie, a saffron corner sofa brings bold color and visual interest to an otherwise moody room. The yellow shade plays well off of a statement light fixture, a considered gallery wall, and eye-catching patterns on the countertop and ottoman. Paired with textured pillows and a dark brown background, this saffron sofa is a statement worth making.

6. Patterns and florals

Green painting living room, with rug, navy blue floral sofa and colour bursts on the ceiling.

(Image credit: Benjamin Moore)

Jennie says that living room sofas don't have to take on just one color – a striking pattern always elevates a space. She recommends patterns like stripes and florals,  geometric designs, and 'unique fabrics' of any kind for a truly underrated statement.

Living room furniture trends to try in 2024 include fitting pieces with patterned upholstery, and specifically decorating with stripes. Opt for a simple vertical stripe, or pick out a bold, daring pattern that defies expectations. Just be sure to match the pattern with the rest of the space's color palette for a cohesive, put-together look.

With these underrated sofa color suggestions, you won't be tempted to turn to tired white or gray hues. Whether you prefer bold red shades or patterned fabrics, dress your sofa to impress in 2024.

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