5 Art Deco kitchens that perfectly blend nostalgia and glamor – here's why interior designers are encouraging a return to glitz in 2024

Characterized by its clean lines and geometric patterns, Art Deco style is perfect for those who want to add a touch of luxury to the heart of their home

art deco kitchen ideas for 2024
(Image credit: Fabrice Juan / Hollie Bowden / Photography Genevieve Lutkin / Victoria Maria)

Art Deco kitchens were not on our bingo card for 2024. But, just as era-defining trends go around, they come back round to surprise us once more.

Fresh off the back of a 2010s-induced grey, minimalist obsession, it feels only right that in contrast, we're craving a touch of luxury to inspire our kitchen ideas in 2024. With searches up on both Pinterest and Google, it's safe to say Art Deco decor has made a comeback in a big way, bringing with it bold geometric shapes, luxurious materials, and unmistakable glamour.

So what's the way to do Art Deco in a modern kitchen? Picture sleek lines, gleaming metallics, and more muted color palettes than the traditional. Whether you’re looking to add a few Art Deco-inspired pieces to your existing kitchen decor or want to go bold with an entirely new look, we've sat down with the experts to find out their favorite ways to add a touch of roaring twenties to the heart of your home.

5 Ways To Bring A Touch Of Art Deco Into Your Kitchen

yellow kitchen with glossy ceiling and stain glass windows with chrome accessories

(Image credit: Hollie Bowden / Genevieve Lutkin)

If you're drawn to geometric patterns, gleaming metallics, and rich tones, why not consider turning your kitchen into an entertaining hub reminiscent of the Gatsby-era? Think marble countertops, plenty of stainless steel, and curved lines that all play harmoniously in a contemporary space.

Characterized by streamlined, geometric shapes, Art Deco, which originated in the 1902s epitomizes glamour, luxury, and sophistication. But is it really going to be such a big kitchen trend in 2024?

'I believe that mid-century revival of recent years is going to be overtaken by Art Deco in a big way in 2024,' says interior designer Hollie Bowden who designed the glossy yellow kitchen seen above. 'It is known for a number of materials that are popular at the moment, such as glass and stainless steel – and adding some deco pieces to that mix makes these materials feel fresh. The glossy elements of this kitchen, like the ceiling and stainless steel, bring vitality to the space while maintaining a calm and serene,' she explains.

When it comes to Art Deco, less is definitely more. So start with the basics, and follow these 5 inspiring ways to inject a little 1920-30s glamour into your kitchen.

1. Create a sense of movement with curved lines

art deco inspired kitchen dining area with blue and wood striped floor and curved furniture, the ceiling has bold molding for an art deco feel

(Image credit: Fabrice Juan)

Sweeping curved lines and angular, geometric shapes defined the Art Deco movement. But in 2024, an era that prioritizes comfort and warmth at home, it's those soft, fluid moments that will help take your kitchen from functional to inviting.

Take this sophisticated yet cozy dining nook in a kitchen by Parisian designer Fabrice Juan. The space doesn't scream 'Art Deco' but thanks to the heavy ceiling molding, curved furnishings, and soft color palette, the overall vibe suddenly feels retro and nostalgic. The diagonal striped floor nods to the graphic nature of the trend with a pared-back subtlety. It's these juxtapositions that create visually striking spaces.

'To recreate this aesthetic in your own kitchen, consider incorporating light tones for cabinetry and flooring to evoke a sense of warmth and authenticity,' advises Fabrice. 'Pair these with accent flooring featuring intricate patterns or textures to add visual interest and depth. Introduce mirrored cabinets strategically to maximize natural light and create a sense of spaciousness. Finally, select materials such as ceramics, plaster, marble, and graphic fabrics with bold patterns to infuse the space with character and charm.'

Now, one curved corner won't be enough to instill that 1920s feeling so ensure all your lines are slightly rounded. Incorporating rounded countertops, arched doorways on cabinetry or soft edges on hardware will all add a touch of sophistication to the space. Plus, they're incredibly practical. Curved lines can enhance the flow of movement within the kitchen, creating a more open environment for daily tasks.

2. Introduce geometric patterns and prints

teal kitchen with dark wood accents and a geometric tile backsplash

(Image credit: MODTAGE Design / Christopher Stark Photography)

Now it wouldn't be Art Deco without mentioning geometrics. Art Deco's love affair with geometry is a celebration of boldness and precision. Whether you want a sleek and modern look or something more vintage-inspired, geometrics can be included in your backsplash through tiles or even wallpaper, accessories, or via your kitchen floors.

'Art Deco’s timeless allure embraces clean lines, geometric elements, and luxurious materials such as metal & marble,' says Gretchen Murdock of MODTAGE Design, who designed the kitchen seen above. 'Modern interpretations include using stylized geometric tiles and warm metals like copper.'

'Designing an art deco kitchen does not always require a bold use of dark colors or daring wallpaper to create the timeless luxury feel of an art deco kitchen,' says Felix Milns, founder of HUX London. 'Instead, it can be created through selecting subtle decorative finishes such as gold metallic accents or using geometric tiles for a splashback that still creates an impactful art deco vibe, without a major upheaval of your existing kitchen design.'

If you prefer a more subtle take on the style, small details will still make a big difference to the overall feel. Perhaps bold print feels too much, so try working with geometric shapes instead and consider a plain hexagonal tile or angular bar stools for a nuanced take on the design.

3. Include metallics - the shinier the better

yellow art deco inspired kitchen walls and cabinets with stainless steel countertops and accessories

(Image credit: Hollie Bowden / Genevieve Lutkin)

In an Art Deco kitchens, metallic accents are key. From the polished stainless steel kitchen trend that's gaining momentum in 2024 to glitzy gold, incorporating shiny metals into your scheme through hardware, lighting, and even furniture is the way to make this feel contemporary.

'A handful of vibrant, eye-catching statement pieces is all it takes to design a space that feels truly art deco,' suggests Mara Rypacek Miller, managing director and founder of Industville. 'Consider using gold, brass, and chrome accents and repeating the use of these materials throughout the room to create cohesion in the space.'

'Industrial style lights are a great way to instill a sense of glamour in a kitchen. The combination of metals and glass paired with a rich color palette on the walls and cabinetry will evoke a feeling of 20th-century luxury in the space,' adds Mara.

In the spirit of the maximalist approach, these reflective surfaces will enhance the play of light, creating an illusion of spaciousness. This is particularly effective in small
, where every design element contributes to the perception of grandeur.

4. Stick to a rich palette and dark wood tones

an art deco inspired deep gold and walnut kitchen with a statement light and dark wood coffee station

(Image credit: Davonport)

A rich palette and dark wood tones embody opulence. Choosing a sumptuous kitchen color palette will help to lay the foundations for a lavish kitchen design. Just think of all the speakeasies and underground bars that appeared during the Art Deco movement, and apply that same thinking to your own space.

'Art Deco is all about luxury materials and craftsmanship. Consider the type of materials you want to use – think marbles, walnut and only the plushest of fabrics - which should be high-end and left in their natural state, in order to let their beauty be part of the design,' advises Richard Davonport, managing director at Davonport Kitchens.

'In this Art Deco kitchen, Burr walnut veneer and marble has been used to create a kitchen island that resembles a piece of art,' he continues. 'The veneer is book-matched to create a symmetrical pattern, showcasing the natural beauty of the wood grain. The cabinet is supported by a bespoke metal frame base in a brass finish, reminiscent of the Art Deco period.'

Balance jewel tones with more muted and contemporary shades like buttery yellow and soft blues with warm, dark wood tones. Consider these rich hues for cabinets, walls, or your decor – less is always more. The result is a kitchen that feels like a jewel box, inviting and enveloping.

5. Add glamour with molding and paneling

blue green dark teal kitchen with marble backsplash and gold molding on cabinet fronts

(Image credit: HUX)

There's that famous saying that before you leave the house, you ought to take off one accessory or piece of jewelry in order to avoid looking "too much". Well, here the opposite couldn't be more true.

Molding and decorative detailing like paneling, trims, and other adornments could be the defining factor that transforms a standard kitchen into one that speaks the language of a bygone era. Whether its via a statement ceiling, crown molding, ornate baseboards, or brass trims added to your cabinet fronts, consider accessorizing your kitchen. It's that attention to detail that feels so at home with the Art Deco style.

'One way in which art deco is coming back into style is through the return to paneling throughout the home,' agrees HUX's Felix Milns. 'Within a kitchen, paneling can be introduced as a nod to the inherent glamour of the art deco era. Adding paneling to cabinets, or indeed even to the ceiling, is an instant way to elevate a space and create an art deco feel.'

A fairly divisive design style, Art Deco is one that previously seemed a bit "too much". But thanks to 2024's interior design sensibilities, a little modern functionality, and some rather gorgeous schemes created by interior designers, this era finally feels like one we can get behind. Whether you're a seasoned design enthusiast or a novice seeking a touch of glamour, may your Art Deco-inspired kitchen become a truly timeless space, filled with glitz, glamour, and sophistication.

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