This simple hack has maximized the storage space in my compact kitchen instantly

My cupboards have never offered so much space – and the change came quickly after an easy-to-apply solution

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To say my kitchen is small is generous. It is smaller than small – it is tiny. But its compact size only makes me more determined to ensure it's as attractive as possible. After all, every square inch needs to make an impression. 

Perhaps the most impactful way (I have observed) to keep a kitchen looking good is through effective small kitchen storage ideas – because without an ordered system – it's dangerously easy to let things fall out of control. However, as you can imagine, in a tiny kitchen, storage space is not in abundance. So, I had to figure out a way of maximizing my cupboard space to make room for even the most essential pantry staples

After some research, I discovered the perfect kitchen storage idea for me came in the shape of a hook. Or, rather, multiple hooks – that could fit discreetly inside my cupboard door. Here's what the process involved – and how its changed my storage system for good. 

How I maximized kitchen storage space in my tiny home

The simple process began by ordering these hooks on Amazon. I thought these hooks looked suitable for my kitchen, but I'm sure any would be appropriate. When they arrived, I placed them three on the inside of one of my cupboards (to begin with, though, I have since moved on to two more of my cupboards that have the room). 

After letting the adhesive set for a minute, I hung my large mixing spoons from each hook and closed my door as a test. It worked! The door closed smoothly, and my large utensils are hidden from my kitchen countertops – nor are they taking up any room in my drawers (which, as I suggested, are few and far between).

Since the initial experiment, I have gone on to hang small mugs in my largest cupboard, and I'm looking at bringing the hooks into my living room ideas to do the same with miscellaneous items (such as Christmas decor, which I confess, I have started to acquire over recent weeks). 

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I admit that closing away these hidden utensils feels like a little win. I love my small kitchen, but knowing I've accentuated storage effectively makes me feel victorious. When it comes to kitchen ideas, there is nothing quite as satisfying as knowing that everything is completely hidden away. And it seems that those at the top of the industry agree. 

When it comes to upcoming kitchen trends for 2023, designer Tom Howley notes how his clientele are looking for ways to incorporate intelligent internal storage solutions in their homes, and this includes drawer (and cupboard) tricks. 

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If you're looking for a similar style of storage solution in a larger kitchen, you should look towards a breakfast pantry, which 'can be incredibly valuable when designed and arranged to suit your routine.'

'They can incorporate your entire morning, from a professional coffee machine, toaster, storage for everyday crockery, and a whole host of cereal options for the kids,' he says. 

'The best thing is that once you’ve had enough, you can close the doors behind you, concealing all the mess and clutter until it’s time to tidy.’

There is a hidden storage solution for a kitchen of every size. Which one will you try?

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