How to make dried orange slice decorations – to personalize gifts and more

Make orange slice decorations for gifts and more, in under an hour with this easy step-by-step guide

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Bring a festive fruity look to parcels and gifts with dried orange slice decorations. They look heart-warming and homey, and the scented fruit and spices are an easy decorative addition for Christmas gifts, and also look wonderful on birthday, Thanksgiving or thank you gifts too. 

An added bonus is the gentle scent from the anise and rosemary. Other herbs and fruits to try are lavender, lemon, limes and even spray roses.

These dried orange slice decorations can be made from easily sourced from craft stores or you can dry orange slices yourself at home easily.

How to make orange slice gift decorations

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Craft - Orange slice gift decorations

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Or, of course, you can add them to home accessories, from candle sconces to garlands.

  • Gift wrap
  • Tape
  • Scissors – straight edged and decorative edged if desired
  • Dried orange slices – these, from Amazon, can be used for decor and tea-making!
  • String
  • Rosemary
  • Star anise

1. Make paper ribbons

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Using the decorative edged scissors cut the patterned paper into strips.

 2. Add ribbons to gifts

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Fold the strips around the gifts and secure in place with tape. We made an alternated criss-cross pattern with ours.

3. Make the fruit and spice decorations

Gift with rosemary and orange slices

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Taking a long length of string, thread through the slices and loop around the star anise. There are usually gaps in the slices to push the string through, but if not use some scissors or a skewer to create one. Loop the string through to the back of the orange slice and tie to secure. 

4. Tie onto the gift

dried orange slices, gift and rosemary with star anise

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Add the decoration onto the gift by tying the string around the parcel. Push some rosemary cuttings behind the decoration to add some scented greenery.

5. Place under the tree

Gifts with dried orange slices under tree

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Enjoy the sight and fragrance of your gifts under your Christmas tree. 

How long do dried orange decorations last?

The good news is that dried orange decorations can last for up to three years, assuming they are kept in a cool, dry place in a sealed box (especially if kept in a garage where mice might be looking for food sources). After two to three years, they will start to brown. 

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