Jeremiah Brent shares the Christmas decor he avoids – and he admits they are 'controversial'

They may be controversial, but the expert interior designer prefers to avoid these Christmas decor ideas

Christmas tree decor and Jeremiah Brent
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Christmas decor can be divisive: some people love going all out to create maximalist and colorful displays, whereas others prefer a minimalist approach.

Whether you follow rules when it comes to your Christmas decor ideas, or incorporate whatever brings you the most joy, interior designer Jeremiah Brent has some opinions on what he avoids. Taking to Instagram, the designer shared a video in which he discusses his 'Christmas concerns': decor choices he steers clear of over the festive season.

'Christmas is arguably my favorite holiday and while I think every holiday season should be about expressing what you love, I do want to share with you some of my Christmas concerns,' says Jeremiah.

If you're interested in learning all about the designer's six 'concerns' when it comes to Christmas decor, then carry on reading where we've explored each point. But remember, as Jeremiah says, Christmas decor should be about expressing yourself, so as long as you love it then that's all that matters when decorating your home for the festive season.  

1. Bare tree stands

small christmas tree with red and gold decorations and gray skirt

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'Number one, I have to say is a bare tree stand,' says Jeremiah. 'The least you can do is take a nice runner or a blanket. Something beautiful and cover it up. It just feels super unfinished and it's a really easy thing to fix.'

We certainly agree that not decorating underneath the Christmas tree can result in a bare and unfinished look. As Jeremiah says, it is an easy problem to solve by opting to place either a tree skirt or collar around the base of the tree to create a more finished look. Below, you can shop some of our favorite tree skirts to ensure you avoid this easy mistake. 

2. Gimmicky decor

'Number two is any type of gimmicky anything,' says Jeremiah. This may be a controversial point, but Jeremiah doesn't embrace Christmas decor that includes gimmicky slogans in the home. This one definitely comes down to personal choice, and so if you're a fan of kitsch decor then go for it, but for those drawn to more understated, minimalist Christmas decor like Jeremiah is, it's one to avoid. 

3. Overloading power strips

'Number three is definitely overloading power strips,' says Jeremiah. 'We've all seen the movies, we’ve all seen the specials, we know how it ends. One power strip is not supposed to plug into another and plug into another and plug into another.'

Not only does overloading power strips look bad, but it's also unsafe so best to avoid this holiday season. Jeremiah points out that there are alternative Christmas light ideas, such as opting for battery-operated lights to create a cleaner look underneath the tree and avoid this Christmas lighting mistake

4. Too many ornaments

christmas tree with blue and red decorations

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Jeremiah isn't a fan of overdoing Christmas decor, preferring instead a more subtle and understated look. 'If you collect something so much that you have to have a room dedicated to storing it, there might be a problem,' he says.

Again, this one is entirely down to personal preference, but to create a simple and modern Christmas decor scheme, you can avoid this Christmas tree decorating mistake by opting for a less-is-more approach and toning down the amount of ornaments you have.

5. Fake snow

'My fifth Christmas concern has to be the sprinkling of fake snow, says Jeremiah. While the designer admits this is a controversial point and that this decor choice does bring joy to some people, he isn't a fan of the impractical nature of fake snow that is difficult to clean up and remove from clothing. 

6. Scented candles

Jeremiah's final concern is scented candles at Christmastime, particularly overly sweet scents associated with Christmas. '... during the holidays, the cookie scent stresses me out. Your whole house should not sell like a snickerdoodle all day long.'

Some people love their homes being filled with Christmas scents, but again, if you prefer a more understated and less cliché approach to Christmas decor, opt instead for more subtle scents, such as the best candles below. 

While these are Jeremiah's personal dislikes for Christmas decor, the festive season is all about embracing what you love so it's best not to get caught up with too many rules. Whether you prefer traditional Christmas decor ideas or rustic Christmas decor ideas, make sure to stick to what you love most. 

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