7 minimalist Christmas decor ideas favored by designers that embrace the beauty of simplicity

For a subtle and pared-back style this festive season choose minimalist Christmas decor, guaranteed to bring seasonal character to your space – but in a more understated way

Minimalist Christmas decor ideas. Minimalist christmas tree, large christmas wreath, cozy christmas living room.
(Image credit: Layered Lounge | Sarah Kaye Representation, photography by Polly Wreford, styling by Sally Denning | Studio McGee)

If you're looking for more modern and understated decorating ideas to embrace this festive season, then our minimalist Christmas decor ideas will be sure to inspire. 

Celebrating more simple and refined Christmas decor ideas, minimalist Christmas decor is all about embracing the classic, 'less is more' attitude when decorating, and creating a calm and cozy space to enjoy throughout the holidays. 

From embracing more muted and neutral color palettes to making the most of the existing decor in your home, our collection of minimalist Christmas decor ideas prove that this style can still be full of character and festive cheer.

Embrace minimalist Christmas decorating for a serene and simple scheme

Whether you're looking for more modern Christmas decorating ideas this year, or are in need of seasonal decor that will perfectly complement your existing minimalist interior, explore the best minimalist Christmas decor ideas favored by designers. 

1. Celebrate the beauty of nature

Wreath on wall above fireplace, decorated mantelpiece

(Image credit: Rowen & Wren)

Christmas foliage and flowers will always be at the heart of Christmas decorating, no matter your style. From Christmas wreaths to Christmas garlands, to more simple vases of cut stems and berries, beautiful natural accents can work wonderfully in a minimalist scheme.

'Let the raw beauty of nature take center stage, which in turn, will create a soft and subtle minimalist Christmas backdrop,' says interior designer, Shivani Vyas.

'If you love the scent and feel of fresh evergreens, use that, or, if you prefer a faux version with minimal upkeep, scout lifelike iterations that are green and lush. When styling your minimalist space with artificial greenery, it's key to buy high-quality pieces that look realistic and hold up well over time. For example, my top decorating technique is to use faux English Boxwood Topiary and dress it up with warm white LED lights and large plaid bows.'

Shivani Vyas
Shivani Vyas

Interior designer, Shivani Vyas, is the founder of Studio Vyas, based in Macon, Georgia. Shivani has been an interior designer for over 5 years and has helped hundreds of clients with their dream design projects.

2. Opt for a relaxed, neutral color palettes

Scandi-inspired festive dining room

(Image credit: Layered Lounge)

'To embrace a cozy but minimal Christmas decor aesthetic, I highly recommend looking to nature for inspiration for your color scheme. Stick to a natural palette, one that foregoes an abundance of multi-hued ornaments and metallic finishes for earthy, natural, and neutral tones,' advises Shivani Vyas.

We love the Christmas table decor shown here by Layered Lounge, and how the minimalist, Scandinavian-inspired style and neutral color palette create a wonderfully relaxing space to sit and dine in.

3. Focus on quality over quantity

Oversized wreath on wall with table

(Image credit: Sarah Kaye Representation, photography by Polly Wreford, styling by Sally Denning)

'A minimalist approach at Christmas is a great way to focus on quality over quantity, and be more thoughtful about the way you decorate for the festive season. I recommend bringing in warm textiles, natural woods, and calming colors to the space,' says Dayna Isom Johnson, Etsy’s Trend Expert.

From a small, yet special, curated display of Christmas ornaments, to a stand-out Christmas wreath used for Christmas wall decor, rather than going overboard with festive decorations, for a minimalist look, prioritize a few select, quality pieces – the effect can still be show-stopping.

Dayna Isom Johnson
Dayna Isom Johnson

Dayna Isom Johnson is Etsy's trend expert with over a decade of experience unearthing the latest and chicest styles. She is unwavering in her pursuit of new and unique finds and is passionate about helping shoppers find exceptional pieces that showcase their personal style.

4. Embrace plenty of tactile texture

Cozy Christmas living room

(Image credit: McGee & Co.)

Creating an enhanced feeling of coziness and warmth in your interior space through plenty of tactile texture is not only an easy way to refresh your decor for the holiday season, it can work perfectly for minimalist Christmas decor.

A new throw or pillow can add inviting texture to a living space or bedroom. Whether you opt for a festive design, like this Pillow from Pottery Barn, or go for a more subtle option, such as this cream throw from McGee & Co. , these simple additions are all about making your home feel more inviting, cozy and warm throughout the holiday season.

5. Keep your Christmas tree simple

Rustic, natural christmas tree with simple decorations

(Image credit: Layered Lounge)

As fun as it can be to go all out with your Christmas tree ideas, opting for a more simple and stripped-back design can really celebrate the natural beauty of the tree (whether real or faux), perfect for both a minimalist look and for rustic Christmas decor, too.

Dayna Isom Johnson says, 'When it comes to the tree, using just lights to decorate really nails the minimalist look. You can also add a handful of thoughtfully selected ornaments whilst still keeping the pared-back look.'

Shop Christmas tree lights from Wayfair – we also think think this wooden garland from Lulu and Georgia is perfect for creating a more minimalist look on your Christmas tree.

6. Pay attention to lighting

Christmas mantel with white surround and green garland

(Image credit: Future)

'Cozy on down this Christmas by creating a living space that's rich in comfort, warmth, and texture. Immerse yourself in a snug environment that balances minimalism and simplicity without sacrificing festive beauty. Pay attention to indoor Christmas lighting, as this adds to the overall atmosphere of the room. Candles and dimmed lights are perfect for creating a snug finish,' says Yvonne Keal, from Hillarys

Patricia Knight, founder and principal designer at Zinnia Design Studio also says, 'Don't underestimate the power of the best candles. Candles are one of the easiest items to use when decorating because they soften the lighting in a room and add glow to the surrounding decor. They can be placed in unexpected spots or paired with other decorations to establish a beautiful and inviting display.'