Christmas ornament ideas – 24 styling ideas and the best places to shop

From the classic to the truly unique, our Christmas ornament ideas will ensure your Christmas tree is the star of the show this holiday season

Three examples of christmas ornament ideas, colorful hanging round ornaments, blue bows on christmas tree, colorful ornaments in bowl
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Whether you are in need of a special new ornament to add to your existing collection, or want to freshen things up with a whole new scheme for your Christmas tree, our collection of Christmas ornament ideas will be sure to provide you with some beautiful inspiration. 

When the all important day comes around and you finally put up your Christmas tree, and decorate your home with a range of Christmas decor ideas, your chosen ornament designs can bring in beautiful color, texture and character to your space, helping to create a fun and festive atmosphere.

From unique novelty designs to traditional shapes and color palettes, there are so many ornament options to choose from to add a touch of merry magic to your home.

Christmas ornament ideas

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Explore our collection Christmas ornament ideas below as well as some of the best places to shop.

1. Embrace a traditional look with the 'classic' Christmas colors

Close up of Christmas tree with red, white and green ornaments

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You can never go wrong with a 'classic' Christmas color scheme for your Christmas ornament ideas; the beauty of a red, green and gold Christmas tree will always be utterly timeless, and for many, a Christmas tradition when decorating the home. 

For hundreds of years, red, green and gold tones have been seen as the traditional colors of Christmas, but why? Well, the colors actually have deep connections with religion: red to represent the blood of Christ; gold is one of the gifts from the Three Kings and green is a symbol of everlasting life – so now you know!

From green foliage, to gold tinsel and beads and red ball ornaments, there are many ways you can embrace the classic colors of Christmas for your Christmas ornament ideas.

5. Bring in beautiful bows

christmas tree decorations with blue ribbon bows

(Image credit: Future/Dan Duchars)

One trend we have been loving this year here at Homes & Gardens is decorating a Christmas tree with bows.

From homemade bow decorations using colorful ribbon, to stylish velvet bow ornaments, there is something so pretty and elegant about a lovely bow.

A bow can add beautiful color and texture to not only your Christmas tree, but they can be used across you home to decorate wreaths, place settings, and even house plants!

9. Be bold with your color scheme

Decorated Christmas baubles hanging from ribbons in front of red and white striped curtains

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Of course, the 'classic' Christmas colors are not for everyone. Whether you want to coordinate with the color scheme in your home, or simply want to make a colorful statement with your Christmas tree this year, do not be afraid to go big and bold!

Embracing a Christmas tree theme can be a great way to establish a colorful and coherent look for bold Christmas ornament ideas. From a rainbow of different colors, to pastels and clashing patterns, there are so many ways you can get colorful and creative with your ornament ideas.

13. Style your tree with an eclectic mix of designs

gold Christmas tree and wreath, purple lights

(Image credit: John Lewis)

From funky novelty decorations to more minimalist and modern designs, your Christmas Ornament ideas should be a celebration of your personality and what makes you happy – there are no rules when it comes to decorating your home this festive season.

Even though they are not for everyone, we can't help but love the grand array of unique ornaments out there to choose from. Lobsters? Unicorns? Mushrooms? There are definitely Christmas ornament ideas out there for everyone!

17. Choose a meaningful, personalized ornament

Colorful, handpainted ornaments

(Image credit: Brent Darby Photography Ltd)

A personalized Christmas ornament can add a more meaningful, special touch to your Christmas tree, and there are so many places you can now shop and create them online, with Etsy being our number one choice for beautiful, personalized gifts.

From ornaments that feature initials and names, to family portraits and unique painted scenes, a personalized design can also make a lovely gift idea.

21. Get creative with your tree topper ornaments

Christmas tree topper ideas with a straw star on top of the tree

(Image credit: Future)

Finally, you cannot forget your Christmas tree topper ideas! Traditionally topped with  a star or angel ornament, the top of the tree is your chance to choose a show-stopping design and complete your Christmas tree decoration in style. 

We love how unique and creative tree topper decorations are becoming, from light up stars and angels to Santa hats, bows and pom poms, there are options to suit all Holiday decor styles.

One of the greatest things about Christmas is that we all have our own Christmas traditions and unique ways to decorate our homes, with many of us having eclectic combinations of ornaments each with a story to tell. 

However, there are some ornament designs that are favored year on year, with ball ornaments probably proving the most popular, enduring shape. Ball ornaments can sit beautifully on a Christmas tree and are available in a collection of different finishes, sizes and designs.

How do you decorate with extra ornaments?

From hanging ornaments on large house plants to placing them on shelves and mantel pieces for Christmas fireplace decor ideas, so much fun can be had with extra ornaments!

Other options include:

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