Adele's house color is a firm favorite among designers and realtors – here's why it's so powerful

The Italianate mansion knows how to make a statement, starting with its façade – here's how to translate its style to your home

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Comprising eight bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, and 3.5 acres of land, Adele's $58 million mansion is unrivaled in both size and luxury. However, you can witness one of its best assets long before stepping inside its entryway. 

While this North Beverly Park mansion offers much to be admired, its exterior paint color is causing the greatest stir among landscapers and realtors alike – and for a good reason. This shade is timeless, versatile, and always sophisticated, and its benefits translate far beyond Los Angeles. 

'White could inadvertently and psychologically influence a home's perceived value: white speaks to clean and airy, so when people see a nicely painted white house, it may subconsciously incline them to view the interior and entire property as clean and well-maintained, too,' says Texas-based realtor Lauren Byington.

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When adding value to your home, Lauren says the hue itself might not necessarily contribute to value. However, 'a freshly painted home – in the right color – often does, and white is no risky gamble.'

Adele's house (which she shares with sports agent Rich Paul) is impressive in its own right – exhibiting sweeping arches, marble pillars, and an outdoor chandelier, naturally. However, while we can't all experiment with similar architectural features – we can play with paint in the same way. And whether you're looking to sell or not, this shade is a safe choice. Why? Because alongside realtors, designers agree.

Supermoon Exterior Paint | from $49 at Backdrop

Supermoon Exterior Paint | from $49 at Backdrop

Backdrop's purest, cleanest white is an almost perfect color match to Adele's home. We love this formula because it applies easily and washes seamlessly – meaning it will impress for longer.

'White is one of my favorite colors to work with. Whether in the interior of your home, in different shades of white for wall-trim-ceiling, or to the exterior,' says  James Stanley, the principal, and founder of James StanleyNY.

James Stanley
James Stanley

James Stanley is the Principal and Founder of James StanleyNY, a boutique Architectural Design firm in Tribeca, New York. He specializes in high-end luxury residential renovations – working with The Plaza, Tiffany & Co, and throughout residential homes in Manhattan.  James began as a real estate in New York City but now utilizes the skills he has learned over the years at his eponymous studio. 


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'Different shades of white paint are an excellent choice for painting the exterior of your home. White can give off a very clean line look and feel, sophisticated, minimal, and elegant, opening the creative door to endless possibilities when it comes to your trim color.'

And alongside its good looks, James says a white exterior has several practical benefits for homeowners. In some cases, the hue helps reflect heat by up to 70 percent – and its ease of maintenance has not gone unnoticed. 

'Light colors look cleaner, which helps with improving curb appeal,' James says. 'White helps in making your home appear to be better maintained; hence it makes the house look newer.'

No more Chasing Pavements – when in doubt – a white exterior is the failsafe way to go. 

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