An ode to '70s trends – and the 5 design classics making quite the stylish comeback

The trend for '70s–inspired décor is alive – and taking over our homes one piece at a time.

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A little nostalgia is never a bad thing, and throughout these unprecedented times, a blast from the past is just what we – or our homes – frantically need, and that's where the surge in popularity of '70s trends is coming into play – especially in our homes. 

The decade of flares and disco remained at the core of fashion for what feels like forever, and when we're looking for ways to uplift our outdated decor, seemingly it's the go-to interior trend rounding out all of our vision boards. But what exactly does this trend constitute? 

We take a look at the updated, more elegant elements.

You don't have to do too much research of '70s trends to know that everything from rattan furniture to potted plants, geometric rugs and bold color choices are your go-tos. The secret to achieving the updated version of the '70s trend is injecting eclecticism into our homes in a very subdued and modernized way.

So, for those who want to transport their digs, we've figured out a simple solution: continue scrolling for inspiration.

1. Work in a lavish lighting fixture 

Lamp - 70s trends

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The generational shift of the '70s gravitated toward mod-inspired lamps that opted for earthier hues such as beiges, browns, and warm oranges; while incorporating wooden, brass, or metal accents throughout. 

Chrislie Gold White Mid Century Modern Table Lamp l Was $180.60, Now $110.84, at Amazon

This lamp features pure structural shapes in a pecan polish among gold accents, attaches style to your home while delivering that most-sought-after '70's eclectic-vibe as well. View Deal

2. Shift to this vintage-inspired plush sofa

70s trend

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The perfect combination of Mid-century and '70s style, this sofa will add detailing and muted colors to your living room scheme.

Christopher Knight Home Aidan Mid Century Modern Tufted Fabric Sofa for $428.99, at Amazon

With wooden sides and rounded legs, this sofa is the epitome of the '70's style. The forward-thinking model is rounded-out to perfection courtesy of extra-plush cushions and a button-tufted seat and back. View Deal

3. Resort to this rattan rug

Rug - 70s trend

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From rattan rugs to rattan chairs, this go-to material was everywhere in the '70s, but how couldn't it be? The natural material and stunning woven method add character and richness to rooms and are suitable for every style and aesthetic. 

nuLOOM Rigo Hand Woven Jute 9'x12' Area Rug, Natural for $258, at Amazon

The perfect combination of style and durability, this jute and natural fiber rug brings home effortless sophistication. View Deal

4. Go green with this perfectly planted piece

70s trend

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Houseplants were at the height of popularity throughout the 1970s, and in the present day, they're making a huge comeback. Whether you're turning toward single leaves or a multi-plant planters, we profoundly recommend fusing retro-greenery into any vacancy to leave your guests green with envy. 

Umbra 1011748-660 Triflora Hanging Planter for Window l Was $50, Now $42.99, at Amazon

This window décor combines the utility of a drapery rod with the beauty of potted plants for a piece of décor that displays greenery in your window with ease. View Deal

5. Bring forth modernized style with this statement piece

70s trend

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Throw pillows are an accessible way to bring forth regenerated '70s style without putting in much effort. All you need is one (or two) fringe or textile piece with a slightly modernized color scheme, and you've hit the nail head-on. 

Stone & Beam Southwestern Throw Pillow for $46.17, at Amazon

This vibrant throw pillow fuses various colors, designs, and compositions to suit any modern or even traditional décor aesthetic. View Deal

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