Andrew Martin launches quick-drying eco-friendly paint for a stylish interior update

And there's 114 sublime colours to choose from...

Andrew Martin has launched an elegant new collection of environmentally-friendly paint, which would make the perfect choice for an easy and eco-smart summer refresh.

Developed in the UK, the eco-conscious Andrew Martin paint collection has used the finest pigments to create a palette of 114 colours, available in four finishes.

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The paint collection is a story of global travel and the rich borderless design that it inspires, a journey through colour.Whether collecting Kuba cloth from the Congo or silk ikats from Thailand, global inspiration has been essential for Andrew Martin. Imbued with the romance of travel, the upscale paint collection pays tribute to the places that have inspired the brand for over 40 years, the discoveries that they have made, and all the people met along the way.

And what makes it so special practically? It’s incredibly durable, meaning you need to decorate less often; it boasts phenomenal opacity, requiring fewer coats and around a third less paint than many other brands; it’s touch-dry in 20 minutes, so you can re-coat in less than an hour; it’s virtually odour free (no nasty paint fumes), and is 100% water based, so there’s no oils or solvents, and you can clean using just cold water. The only challenge will be choosing a paint shade.

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See highlights from the new Andrew Martin paint collection


This is a rich green from the intricate overlapping branches of the Amazon rainforest. It's a perfect nod to the botanical nature trend that's so timely for 2020.

Andrew Martin paint


A hue symbolising the London borough’s vast maritime history, this is a sumptuous, rich choice to create a relaxing and elegant bedroom.

Andrew Martin paint


Breathe life into any room with this rich red, symbolising the vibrancy of the spice and textile markets across Morocco .


Inspired by the vast expanse of wilderness and grassland across the heart of the USA, this neutral shade is a lovely choice for a living room or bedroom to create a tranquil, restful sanctuary.

Andrew Martin paint


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Ruth Doherty is an interiors writer who has worked for Homes & Gardens and Ideal Home magazines among many others.