The best drought-resistant plants for your garden

Verbena, lavender and iris have been named as some of the best plants to survive and thrive in scorching summer temperatures.

With temperatures seat to soar this weekend, we take a look at some of the best drought-resistant plants for your garden.

In previous years, hose-pipe and sprinkler bans have been placed across the nation in an effort to conserve water – with those not complying being hit by hefty fines. But such bans can spell havoc for many garden plants, which rely on an abundance of water to survive.

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Alternatively, drought-resistant plants are naturally adapted to flourish in dry conditions. As long as a good root system is established, they require little water even when left directly under sunlight.

drought-resistant plants

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Plant specialists from have compiled a guide on the best drought-resistant plants which thrive in searing heat.

'It’s best for gardeners to be prepared for another load of heatwaves this summer,' explained Chris Bonnett from

'Whilst we may be able to escape to the shade indoors, our plants cannot. Choosing flowers and shrubs carefully is imperative if you want to achieve a flourishing flower bed throughout summer. By including some of the best drought resistant plants, you can ensure a blossoming garden all season long.'


The tiny clusters of bright purple flowers blossom throughout summer and well into autumn. Known for attracting butterflies and bees due to its rich nectar, they can reach heights of up to 60cm.

drought-resistant plants

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With elegant, bowing flower stems and bell-shaped blooms, it is often referred to as ‘Angels fishing rod’ and is best planted in spring.

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When established, Iris is incredibly drought-tolerant, however newly planted must be watered on a regular basis in order to develop roots.

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This South African daisy can bloom even with just half an inch of water once a week. It’s also great for gardeners who want to produce large quantities of blooms.

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Commonly called Russian sage, this plant is a real sun-worshipper. Often place in large amounts, the tiny, violet flowers which appear on silver-grey spikes provide maximum impact for the looker-on.


Large vivid blue flowers complemented with deep green leaves, they are often planted with the Blue Spire for striking impact. Sea holly thrives in containers with good drainage during summer and cannot tolerate cold and wet weather.

drought-resistant plants

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A small evergreen shrub, the plant can flower from late spring into late autumn. Exceptionally fast growing, it can reach up to 4 feet tall with an equal spread.

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One of the easiest plants to grow, there are few that are more forgiving of bad soil and harsh sun than the Sedum plant. A rarity to find a plant that thrives even when neglected, sedums are perfect for novice gardeners.

drought-resistant plants

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An iconic native to the Mediterranean and the middle east the plant copes well in sunny conditions, with its strong aromatic flowers and incredibly easy to plant, lavender should be a staple in any drought-tolerant garden.

drought-resistant plants

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