Beyoncé reveals how she keeps her backyard private – and it's all organic

The singer's carefully placed planting reminds us of one lesson: when it comes to backyard privacy, we should go green

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Beyoncé may be in Europe, embarking on her long-awaited Renaissance Tour – but we can't help but bring the focus back to her home in the US. And specifically, her backyard

The Texas-born singer, who lives with her rapper husband Jay-Z and their daughter Blue Ivy Carter rarely shares photographs of her home – however, there are some exceptions. One of which is a glimpse inside what looks like her backyard – featuring pots filled with phlox and impatiens, vintage-style beach chairs, and an abundance of ivy in the background. 

When it comes to maintaining effective garden screening, Beyoncé's perfected the art.

Beyoncé's privacy planting – what you need to know to recreate her method

This ivy is as practical as it is aesthetic – and it's a look that is easy to replicate. Gardener and horticulturist Zahid Adnan says selecting the right plants is the best place to start. 

1. Choose the right plants

'When selecting shrubs for privacy, consider their height, width, and density. Tall, broad-leaved, and dense plants make excellent barriers,' Zahid says. 'Consider evergreen trees such as arborvitae [like the one below], holly, or cedar, which provide year-round coverage. Other options include tall grasses, bamboo, or climbing vines.'

Emerald Green Thuja – $129.99 at Walmart

Emerald Green Thuja – $129.99 at Walmart
This easy-to-grow evergreen that’s worry-free and lush – for good reason. It resists ice and snow damage, as well as drought, so it’s adaptable to all climates around the United States.

Similarly, the expert recommends using a combination of plants to create a diverse and natural-looking barrier. 'For example, mix evergreen and deciduous trees, shrubs, and grasses to create a dynamic and visually appealing privacy screen.'

2. Plant strategically

Plant placement is just as crucial. Beyoncé's yard is a fitting example to follow – featuring flowing ivy that towers in the space above her yard fence

'Consider planting trees or shrubs in groups rather than as individuals to create a dense barrier,' Zahid says. 'For instance, plant a row of tall evergreen trees along the border of your garden to block the view from the outside. You can also plant climbing vines on a trellis or pergola to create a wall of greenery.'

3. Consider the soil and climate 

Many evergreens, such as the Emerald Green Thuja, are suited to thrive in many climates – however, it is worth checking that your chosen plant is suited to your soil type and climate. 'This will help ensure that your plants grow healthy and strong, providing effective privacy barriers for years to come,' Zahid says.

And to finish the look, the Beyoncé way, we're going to pick up a similar retro-style beach chair – such as the one below.

Folding Beach Chair – $112.12 on Etsy 

Folding Beach Chair – $112.12 on Etsy 
This 70s-inspired beach chair is a Beyoncé-approved addition to any sized backyard. And with its folding aluminum frame, it's easy to store for the days that feel a little less beachy. 

'In conclusion, trees and plants are an excellent way to create privacy in a garden,' the expert says.

'Consider the tips above when choosing the best plant types and how best to use them in your garden. With a little bit of planning and effort, you can create a private and peaceful oasis that you can enjoy for years to come.'

Zahid Adnam
Zahid Adnan

Zahid is a renowned figure in the gardening industry, with extensive experience and hard-earned skills in horticulture. As the Founder and Editor of, he provides top-tier content and professional advice to fellow gardening enthusiasts on a daily basis. In addition to his work, Zahid manages a 10-hectare agricultural land and maintains an exceptional garden in his own backyard.

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