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Comforting lockdown activities that will help you to relax

As we enter at least another three weeks of lockdown, it’s time to go big on the comfort factor.

Jo James from bedding brand Bedfolk shares her top fivecomforting lockdown activities.


Prioritise some downtime for the ultimate duvet day during lockdown – when else do you have the excuse to build a duvet nest? Stepping away from the news updates for a few hours, and indulging in some comfort, is much needed. Save your softest, cosiest oversized attire and bed yourself in to catch up on classic movies or the boxsets you never had the time to watch. If you are wary of too much screen and lockdown TV overload, get into a book, do a jigsaw or play a board game – all very loungewear friendly tasks.

comforting lockdown activities

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It can be easy to feel overwhelmed by everything that is going on, so getting a good night’s sleep can be a challenge. Being enveloped in smooth and comfortable bed sheets can be the difference between a good night’s sleep or a night spent tossing and turning. Opt for natural materials rather than synthetic; you spend a third of your life in bed so it is worth investing in 100 percent linen or 100 percent cotton bedding which will help to regulate your temperature whatever the season. Add layers on comfort such as blankets, quilts or throws – you can choose lightweight ones for the summer months and layer up with warmth when the nights get cooler.

comforting lockdown activities


Many of us like to read and spend relaxing ‘awake time’ in bed, and reading is one of the simple pleasures we can enjoy plenty of during lockdown. A couple of large square pillows are the perfect addition to your bed, allowing you to prop yourself up comfortably to read. Choose cushion covers in gentle, mellow colours to create a serene bedroom – they will look great on a freshly made bed too.

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You may only be able to fit a double bed into your room but that doesn’t mean that you can’t go luxe with the duvet. A kingsize duvet on a double bed gives you extra duvet to curl up in, as well as less cold air tunnels – a great way to survive sharing your bed with a duvet hogger. It also looks great from a styling perspective, with a larger duvet giving you more drape and shape around the bed – no hospital corners allowed.


The one benefit that lockdown brings us is time. Take the time to be conscious about winding down; be in the moment rather than worry about what is happening around you and try to curl up and relax in these uncertain times. Whether taking a bath, an online yoga class, chatting to your friends or reading a book or magazine, unlock the potential to be kind to yourself.

comforting lockdown activities

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