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Emily Henderson shares the Netflix-inspired trend that will be filling our homes in 2022

The interior designer says Regency-era decor is making a big return, as we favor all things ornate

regency era style decor with gold mirror and lampshades
(Image credit: Michelle Nussbaumer and Stephen Karlisch)

It's always fascinating to hear what designers at the top of their game think our homes will look like in the future. 

Interior designer Emily Henderson shared her interior design trend predictions with us, and she believes popular postmodern design will be making way for flamboyant, Regency-era decor.

We spoke to Emily Henderson as part of her campaign with PRESS premium alcohol seltzer. She revealed that Regencycore, initially inspired by the Netflix series Bridgerton, is making a comeback in a big way.

regency era style dining space

(Image credit: 'Michelle Nussbaumer and Stephen Karlisch)

'My team is predicting that there's going to be a huge shift away from postmodernism,' begins Emily Henderson. 'So all the seventies, eighties and nineties stuff that's been really "in" the last three years - like all the really curvy, bulbous, graphic furniture.' 

She says we're going to be seeing far a more decorative and antique style imbuing our homes in the years to come. Emily predicts 'a ton of detailing and a lot of mixing of metals – almost a new resurgence of regency.'

The interior designer goes on to say that she and her team have seen an uptick in regency decor after noting a shift in the pieces vintage dealers are choosing to stock. 'We follow all these antique or vintage dealers online, and they have stopped sourcing postmodern. 

'They're putting out these crazy nightstands that are all curved and with really intricate hardware.'

regency era style decor with sofa and ornaments

(Image credit: 'Michelle Nussbaumer and Stephen Karlisch)

When discussing this immense shift in how we may be decorating our homes in the future, one member of her team simply told her, 'It's happening.' 

Emily comments that it may not hit the 'mainstream' for a couple of years, but 'if you want to be at the forefront, and start collecting this more old-world regency, we think it's coming back.' Something to bear in mind next time we're perusing an antique store or flea market.

'Cottagecore was big,' Emily continues, 'but I think there's a version of it that's even less country and fancier.' In her own property, the interiors expert says they are working on a foundation that is full of high-quality wood and Shaker-style cabinetry.

wedgewood blue pottery on mantelpiece with candlesticks

(Image credit: Humert & Poet and Alexis Mabille)

'I'm layering on the crazy,' she says. Emily will be adding florals, ruffles and toiles as a nod to the Victorian style, which she's always loved. 

Rather than going all out with furniture, such as an ornate Bridgerton-style vanity, she's 'going to keep everything simple, and then with all the accessories, art and textiles, bringing in that more Victorian vibe.'

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