Houseplant staging is the secret to selling your home – according to estate agents

Earthly tones and organic hues will turn your property into a buyer's paradise – and experts agree

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Houseplants have seen a surge in the past year and a half, but their benefits are more than therapeutic. Real estate experts have revealed that houseplant staging is the secret to selling your home – and this small investment could lead to a profitable price. 

'In 2021, I had one listing that brought 45 offers because of the plants in the yard and in the home,' says Utah-based estate agent Malissa Kelsch. With the right indoor garden ideas, this 1,389 square foot home sold for the most money per square foot that the agent from witnessed in 2021. 

But why are buyers so attracted? Here, the experts share what you need to know. 

Why houseplant staging will sell your home 

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Millennials are now at the prime home-buying age, and houseplant-staged homes are at the top of their agenda. 

'As more people enter the housing market, there will be greater demand for homes that incorporate wellness,' explains real estate broker and owner of Tres Amigos Realty Group Michael Simons. 'House plants are one way that millennials incorporate wellness into their homes to promote serenity and access to green space,' he says. 

However, it is not only millennials who are attracted to green benefits. Michael explains that greenery makes your property appear more inviting to most people, especially when contrasted to listings without house plants. 

'Plants can soften a space, creating emotions of warmth and comfort. Inspired by these feelings, prospective homebuyers can visualize themselves in the area, which helps guide them in the proper direction,' he adds. 

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Estate expert Shaun Martin (who owns a Denver Real Estate Company) adds that houseplants feed into the indoor/outdoor living interior design trend that is so sought-after amongst buyers. 

'The feedback I receive, most often, is that the house has a great indoor-outdoor flow which I absolutely attribute to the use of indoor plants,' he says. 'If that doesn't sell a house faster, what does?'

How should you stage your houseplants?

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Kristina Hunter is the CEO GreenLeaf & Grace, a company that is dedicated to houseplant staging. Kristina is familiar with the best indoor trees and plants for selling – but how does she recommend styling the greenery? 

'When I am presented with a home that is in need of some life, I just add just 2-3 plants, and it can completely upgrade the space,' Kristina says. However, adding 5-6 plants in one space will truly make the statement your buyers desire.  

'Typically, I like to use less temperamental varieties that tend to do well in different types of environments, depending on availability of light.'

Now you have an excuse to invest in the best winter house plants, whether you're selling or not. 

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