Joanna Gaines' unusual wallpaper tip will add instant depth to your small space

The celebrity designer's secret will turn your tiny space into a focal point – and create an unexpectedly stylish statement

Joanna Gaines's bathroom tip
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The question of how to enhance your small space is a favorite amongst designers worldwide, but Joanna Gaines has the answer. 

If anybody knows how to style spaces of all sizes, it is Joanna, the Fixer Upper star who has curated rooms of all shapes in front of a global audience. So, when she shared the simple secret to enhancing a tiny room, we were taking notes on everything she had to say. 

Revealing her interior design tips, Joanna suggests that instead of turning away from a bold pattern (which is sometimes expected in a small space) – you should experiment with bold, patterned wallpaper that will enhance the area. 

Hallway with patterned wallpaper

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'Small spaces like bathrooms, mudrooms, and entryways are ideal for trying out a bold pattern because they're fairly low-risk in terms of the amount of real estate you're covering,' she explained in a post on Magnolia. While conventions may have previously encouraged you to avoid audacious patterns in tiny spaces, Joanna's tip will not only add depth to your room – but it will create a statement too – and Wallpaper designer Elizabeth Ockford agrees. 

'There's a bit of a myth that small rooms require plain, light wall coverings,' she begins. Elizabeth builds on Joanna's wallpaper idea, suggesting you choose a 'medium or large-repeat pattern' that will add a 'sense of depth' that did not exist before. This will ensure your room appears 'more expansive and rooms feel more spacious.'

Blue and green patterned wallpaper

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'The key to making the most of your small space is choosing a wallpaper with a large or medium repeat and hanging it correctly. Wallpapers with a larger repeat will create a cohesive look which will visually expand the sense of space.'

'Once you've committed to your chosen wallpaper, it's best to avoid breaking up the space by painting some walls or using other patterns, as this can emphasize tight quarters and make the space feel even smaller,' Elizabeth adds. 

Stripy wallpaper

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Following Joanna's new wallpaper rule, Elizabeth also shared her small hallway ideas, explaining how you should use wallpaper with a meandering pattern that will 'lead the eye and create a feeling of movement in a connecting space.' 'In narrower areas, pattern adds visual interest without encroaching on precious square footage,' she says. 

It's time to redesign your hallway, the Joanna Gaines way.

Megan Slack
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