Marie Kondo shares the one space that she struggles to organize – and 3 tips to keep it tidy

Some areas are particularly challenging, even for the master of organization

Marie Kondo
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Marie Kondo has gained global admiration for her minimalist approach to organization. However, even Ms. Kondo has one space that she struggles to keep in order. The space in question? Her refrigerator.

The tidying guru has reorganized storage ideas worldwide with a host of best-selling books and two Netflix series to her name. Her KonMari method has become one of the most recognized tidying techniques of our time – but even Marie struggles to maintain order in the frequently used part of her kitchen. 

Discussing her kitchen storage ideas exclusively with H&G, Marie Kondo revealed that she struggles to keep her family's refrigerator tidy – but there are ways to stay on top of the space. 

Marie Kondo

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Marie Kondo's fridge organization tips  

Your fridge is amongst the most-used appliances in your home – so it is unsurprising that even Marie Kondo finds it hard to organize hers. However, she has three simple steps to maximize success. 

1. Ensure everything has a home 


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The idea of a permanent 'home' for every object is a staple of KonMari teaching, and the fridge is no exception. 'To keep the fridge tidy, you have to make a rule and ask your family to put the items back where each item belongs,' Marie explains. 

Similarly, on the subject of her teaching, Marie adds that finding a permanent home for your possessions is 'one of the best ways to hold yourself accountable' as it encourages you to 'get into the habit of putting [your] items back on a daily basis.'

2. Leave space for new items 

Fridge designed by Fisher & Paykel

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In an Instagram post, Marie continued to share her refrigerator tips – recommending that you leave additional space for leftovers or new food that you may acquire after cleaning.

'I also recommend storing by category to make it easier to sort items and tell at a glance where things are,' Marie explains. This method is also a pillar of the KonMari teaching – and amongst Marie Kondo's 5 top tips for organizing a small kitchen

3. Know how much food you already have  

Fridge designed by Fisher & Paykel

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Sharing her kitchen ideas in another post, Marie shared that 'the key to keeping a tidy refrigerator is to always be aware of how much food you have.' 

This means you can quickly see everything at a glance to prevent yourself from buying the same food at the store. It will also minimize food waste as you can observe best-before dates easily.  

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