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Five expert tips for a mindful home – enhance harmony and boost happiness

How to create restorative spaces and moments of calm...

Our homes are serving more purposes than ever before, becoming places to dine, date, socialise, work, have fun and relax. Now is the time to pause, step back and contemplate how to create a mindful home and calming interiors that nurture mind and body whilst ensuring spaces are still functional.

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This year, more than ever, it's vital to look after all aspects of our health and taking time to relax and unwind is paramount in feeling our best. Create areas of calm in your home, helping you to feel ready to face the day.

To give us some inspiration, the design experts at Denby and Heal's have shared some simple steps to enhance harmony and boost happiness in the home as well as encouraging mindful moments with loved ones. Aaaand relax.

Easy ways to create a mindful home:


Use the principles of biophilic design and bring plants and fresh flowers cut straight from the garden into the home. Aside from their decorative appeal, plants have air-purifying qualities and can help reduce stress levels, increase productivity and keep us feeling relaxed. Give plants the love they deserve and display them in ceramic jugs, pots and mugs made from natural colours and materials.

Mindful home

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Make sure there are spaces around the home where you can take a breather, escape the daily chores and re-set. A corner can be transformed into a haven of calm with soft cushions, throws, a good book or a podcast. Add items that bring a smile to your face too, such as holiday photos. A light nook by the window is an instant connection to the outdoors and makes a perfect spot to sip a warming green tea from your favourite mug.

Indoor plantsfreshen the air and add colouras they change from bud to blossom through the seasons, while natural fragrances like lavender, chamomile or sandalwood have calming properties to helpcreate a sense of tranquillity.

Mindful home

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During this busy and complex time, add blue hues to interiors as this colour ignites a sense of serenity. Why not try pairing blue or soft grey ceramics with warm woods and natural linen in simple muted colours, for a palette that is both soothing and stylish.

Mindful home

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Dining alfresco, reading outdoors, or opting to work in your garden or terrace will allow you to utilise all of your space effectively while allowing you to enjoy a change of scenery and appreciate your surroundings.

Fresh air and sunlight are known to boost serotonin levels, helping to enhance creativity, while feeling the sun on the skin can help us to feel grounded within the world around us.

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While staying in has limited our means to connect with others as we did before, that doesn’t mean that good times with friends and family are impossible. Sharing positive news, reminiscing about old memories or planning future gatherings over a cuppa and a (virtual) chat can help you feel connected to others.

Mindful home

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