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Five modern ways to add interest to your home, according to Rockett St George

After all, there really is no place like home!

With all of us spending more time at home than ever before, the importance of the home as a sanctuary from the outside world and a place to express personality and style has never been more important.

As a pause has taken place over our usual busy lives, home comforts and the importance of the little things have been rediscovered. From date nights and family feasts, to joining the banana bread baking revolution and finally finding time (or not) to get on with DIY, we’ve felt a new appreciation for the quiet comfort of home.

However, spending so much time in one place can highlight the need for improvements and often the simplest changes can have incredible impact. Whether you opt for additional lighting to alter the ambience of your interior or add in a few quirky touches to showcase your individual identity, creating a stylish home sanctuary has become essential in recent months.


With this in mind, Jane Rockett & Lucy St George have pulled together five quick interior updates that help transform the home and introduce playful personality to set your scheme apart.


‘Lighting is key to setting the tone anywhere from your kitchen to the living room or bedroom, so don’t neglect it! Often, ceiling lights can create an uninspiring atmosphere when used alone and impact the entire mood and feel of your space. So, instead of just focusing on one light in the centre of the room, we recommend using as many light sources as possible,' explainsJane Rockett.

'For example, using lamps and wall lights in your interior helps to create pools of light that achieve inviting ambience and warmth. Softer side lights and floor lamps can also be used to showcase treasured artwork, framed family photos or a carefully curated shelf with all of your favourite things. Also, a great design trick that we couldn’t be without is the addition of candlelight. From scented candles that evoke holiday memories to twinkling tea lights, everything looks amazing in this natural, romantic light!’

Modern decor ideas


‘Every home is different and should be celebrated for exactly that! So, own your individuality and ll your home with quirky pieces that you love. One of the easiest ways to achieve this and instantly lift the mood in your home is to introduce artwork,' says Lucy St George.

'Art is unique in its ability to evoke memories and bring a real sense of personality to the home. From pieces collected on travels around the world to beautifully bold prints and on-trend illustrations, adding artwork to the walls of your home creates immediate impact. So, for a quick and easy home update that celebrates your style, try curating a collection of your favourite pieces into a glamorous gallery wall or introduce a statement piece of artwork to an empty space. As something that is incredibly personal, there are no rules when it comes to art so follow your instincts and snap up for anything that makes you smile!’

Modern decor ideas

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‘Sometimes a small change is all you need to breathe new life into your home. Hero hardware pieces are often overlookedbut provide an incredibly effective way to transform your doors or furniturewithout embarking on a major redecoration journey,' says Jane. 'For example, pair new handles with a fresh coat of paint in the kitchen for a whole new look or add ornate plates and handles to your doors for an extra dose of drama! Perfect for brightening up your front door or giving older pieces of furniture a new lease of life, updating your home with new door knockers, knobs and handles couldn’t be easier. Anything with a brass nish will introduce beautiful warmth and style, whilst antique nishes are ideal for a vintage look and leather or marble handles achieve a desirable tough-luxe look with ease.’

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‘For us, no home is complete without an accent of gorgeous greenery. With studies showing that houseplants are proven to reduce stress (something we all need less of at the moment), introducing a few plants can create a sense of calm and vitality in any corner of your home. As a top tip, we recommend lling vases and plant pots with a selection of different plants, grasses and stems of foliage. Houseplants are genius at creating a fabulous focal point in your home and playing around with different sizes, scales and textures is the perfect way to achieve this,' explains Lucy.

Modern decor ideas

'For those that struggle with keeping plants alive, faux plants are an amazing alternative and more often than not, you can hardly tell the difference between the two! As the ultimate low-maintenance solution, faux plants can give the same jungle effect, without the worry of looking after a real-life plant. In the same way, dried owers and grasses are a great way to bring natural texture to your home, and need very little care or attention. As one of the big trends of the moment, the feathery foliage of pampas grass is a must-have addition for any interior. Style yours high on a side tables or shelf and enjoy an instant home update that reveals hints of laidback, bohemian luxury.’

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‘Although a bigger project than our other home update ideas, wall murals are a wonderful way to get creative and add colour and texture to your home. By taking pattern to a larger scale, these brilliant designs promise to grab your attention as soon as you walk through the door. With so many different patterns available, from tropical jungle scenes to punchy orals, murals add a hint of whimsy and wonder to your walls,' says Jane.

Modern decor ideas

'A personal favourite for me has to be chinoiserie – chinoiserie wallpaper captures vintage and natural details in a way that seems to transcend time. Featuring majestic birds, blossom trees and enchanted garden scenes, these designs perfectly re ect the unique beauty of the natural world. You also can’t go wrong with a fabulous oral. When it comes to wall murals, I love the juxtaposition between traditional orals and dark backgrounds for a bold and modern twist that is daring, edgy and beautiful all at once.’

modern decor ideas

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