Selena Gomez’s kitchen is inspiring a craze for rustic minimalism – and pink

The actress-turned-chef's second season of Selena + Chef is back – but her kitchen and the pastel pink cooking equipment she uses are the real stars of the show

Selena Gomez - kitchen buys
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Selena Gomez is heading back to the kitchen! The actress turned singer turned cooking extraordinaire took viewers into her home during the first season of her HBOMax show Selena + Chef

Viewers quickly fell in love with Selena's culinary skills... but they fell even more in love with her gorgeous kitchen, a fabulous example of rustic minimalism that features classic white cabinetry with cute dragonfly cabinetry handles, white-painted brickwork on the walls above the stainless steel range, marble-look work surfaces, a Butler sink and pretty patterned floor tiles.

Nestling on the range was a powder pink kettle – and in the background, you can just spot a pink stand mixer to match. Pink accessorizing was a theme in Selena's kitchen – and it's started somewhat of a craze for this pretty shade. We've listed the best buys we spotted in her kitchen, below, so you can copy the look.

Season two of Selena + Chef premieres today, January 21, but before the episode airs, you can snag a few key pieces from her kitchen to use for your own gastric delights.

6 buys from Selena Gomez's kitchen

On show in Selena's rustic kitchen last season were, amongst other things, rainbow kitchen knives, the most rustic of chopping blocks and one of the best blenders money can buy – in pale pink, of course.

Can't wait for the show? See the trailer here.

1. Le Creuset Artisan 5 qt stand mixer

Selena Gomez kitchen – pink KitchenAid blender

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Feather Pink KitchenAid Artisan Stand Mixer 

The ultimate kitchen heavy-hitter! There’s not much this mixer cannot do and with its 10 speeds and its 10+ hub attachments, you can make it work for all of your cooking needs. From whipping up meringue with pristine stiff peaks to kneading the dough for a chewy focaccia, this gadget will allow you to get creative. The color and design will also match seamlessly with the rest of  your kitchen decor.

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2. Le Creuset Dutch Oven

Selena Gomez kitchen – Le Creuset

(Image credit: Le Creuset)

Hibiscus Le Creuset Dutch Oven

This classic piece is probably already a staple in your kitchen. The heavy-duty Le Creuset pan allows you to easily move food from your stovetop to your oven without worry. It’s perfect for casseroles, soups, and stews and its color and construction makes it possible to put it out on your dining table and use as a serving dish.

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3. Chantal Sven Tea Kettle

Selena Gomez kitchen – kettle

(Image credit: Chantal Sven)

Chantal Sven Tea Kettle 

Though Selena’s kitchen is filled with clean white lines, as shown with her mixer and Le Creuset pots, she isn’t afraid to bring a pop of color. This stovetop kettle allows you to brighten up your space while also providing  just a touch of vintage. The minimalist Scandinavian-inspired kettle is also constructed in a way that completely eliminates the possibility for rust. This piece can be used on gas, electric, and induction burners. 

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4. Our Place Main Plates

Selena Gomez kitchen – plates

(Image credit: Our Place)

From Our Place Main Plates 

These plates are perfect for showing off your culinary masterpieces. The plates are hand painted and feature curved edges, which makes them easy to stack and store in display cabinets. This minimalist set is also both microwave and dishwasher safe.  

5. John Boos & Co Chopping Block

Selena Gomez kitchen – chopping board

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 John Boos & Co Maple End-Grain Chopping Block 

This rustic cutting board works as a statement piece in your kitchen but also allows you to perform even the most heavy duty of kitchen tasks. It’s reliable enough to help you slice and arrange the charcuterie board of your dreams, but it’s also sturdy enough to withstand some hardcore meat carvings and butcherings. This 3in thick butcher block is antibacterial and possesses a protective coating that prevents it from getting ruined by moisture or food.   

6. Marco Almond Rainbow Knives Set

Selena Gomez kitchen – kitchen knives

(Image credit: Marco Almond)

Marco Almond Rainbow Knives Set 

These knives – probably the most iconic piece of Selena’s kitchen – are the definition of style meets functionality. The multi-colored hue can be attributed to their titanium coating. In addition to their sleek and eye-catching aesthetics the knives are sharp enough for you to cut easily through tougher things like steak but also delicate items like tomatoes. 

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