Simple and stylish ways to make your home more desirable

Easy ideas that you can do with the assistance of a professional.

Want to sell, but unsure how you can make your home more desirable (without the need for an interior designer) to a prospective buyer?

Lucy Askew, interiors expert at Hillarys shares her advice for homeowners looking to take advantage of the opportunity to move up the property ladder on how to make a home look desirable to potential buyers partaking in virtual or real-life viewings, and ultimately achieve higher offers.


The first impressions of a home are vital, and as the front door and porch area is the first thing a potential buyer will see as they take part in a viewing, it’s imperative to give them a good feeling about the home from the get go. Ensure that there is no mess hindering the front of the home, and that any front lawn or garden area looks as appealing and hospitable as possible. Some potted plants or fresh flowers in the windows towards the front of the home will also go a long way in adding the welcoming touch.

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Whilst there is no shame in being a messy or untidy person, it doesn’t translate well if the people who are potentially wanting to buy your home can’t see the true beauty of a home due to clutter or obstructions. It’s worth hiding any evidence or toys or pets in cupboards, attic or garden shed in order to create a more spacious feel in your home. This decision will also allow buyers to envisage their own lives fitting into the property, particularly if children or pets aren’t part of their own plans when moving into the home.

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If you know you have some potential buyers coming to visit, why not make some fresh bread, cook something that smells delicious or put candles out in each room to make your home feel more inviting and somewhere they can’t help but want to spend more time in? There is nothing worse than a bad smell in a home and it will instantly put people off regardless of how appealing the aesthetics of your home might be to them. Creating inviting smells will make your visitors feel at home instantly or take them back to a memory they may have forgotten that they want to recreate in a new home with their loved ones.

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Not everyone will appreciate bright colours adorning every wall of a property, with some potential buyers being so put off that they fail to appreciate the positives aspects of the home. If you’re décor is a bit all over the place and you’re serious about selling, it could be time for a lick of paint. Grey or white shades should will freshen up rooms up and allow potential buyers to see the potential of what they can do the place if they were to move in. These colours are also great at making rooms look more spacious during viewings and for photographs taken for estate agent’s online listings and brochures.

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