Stanley Tucci has released his first-ever line of cookware and it's just as chic (and practical) as you would expect

'This is cookware that makes cooking easier and will help you enjoy your life through food.'

Tucci x Greenpan
(Image credit: William Sonoma)

It's no secret we are big fans of Stanley Tucci at H&G. A lot of spare time is spent on his Instagram getting inspired both by his cooking and his flawless deep blue kitchen setup. So since he posted a reel with the teasing caption of 'somethings coming', a few days ago, we've been patiently waiting to see what the actor turned celeb chef has come up with. 

To our delight (and perhaps unsurprisingly), Stanley Tucci has teamed up with GreenPan and Williams Sonoma to create a beautiful new kitchen cookware line. Made in Italy (where else?), non-stick, and PFAS-free, Tucci describes the range perfectly in those instantly recognizable dulcet tones when he says 'It's cookware that looks as good as it performs, this is cookware that makes cooking easier.'

Tucci by GreenPan, which is available now exclusively at Williams Sonoma, is made up of over 20 pieces, including pasta pots, sauté pans, a Dutch oven that's apparently inspired by his mother's, and the aptly named Stanley Pan.

There are four different color options too, all gorgeous and subtle, the kind of cookware you can take straight from the stove to become a display on the table. The shades are Venetian Teal, Carrara White, Stainless Steel, and Milano Black.

If you look closely, you'll notice that Tucci has actually been using them in his own cooking videos for months. And you can instantly see the colors have been inspired by his own kitchen color scheme.

'My collection combines modern design with great performance. All the pieces are made in Italy and have thoughtful touches that are shaped by a long tradition of Italian craftsmanship,' explains Tucci in his Instagram post announcing the launch. 'This is cookware that makes cooking easier and will help you enjoy your life through food.' he adds.

Tucci x Greenpan

(Image credit: William Sonoma)

'My inspiration for this was growing up in a family that loved cooking,' Tucci explains in the video made about the collaboration. 'With Italian cooking the rules are simple, buy the best ingredients, get the best flavor. I've built this cookware with that simple idea in mind, using only the best materials, right here in Italy.'

As well as looking incredibly chic, the cookware is all PFAS-free ceramic non-stick, works on induction, and has been designed to be heavy enough that they heat up fast and feels sturdy on the stove, but are still easy to maneuver. 

Tucci x Greenpan

(Image credit: William Sonoma)

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