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Virtual viewing style tips with Kate Watson Smyth

Maximize your home's selling potential with these tips on how to style your home for virtual viewings

Virtual viewing style tips with Kate Watson-Smyth
(Image credit: Kate Watson-Smyth & Purplebricks)

House viewings are certainly different than they were only a few months ago, and the system is adapting. Online viewings are becoming the new norm, with one in five Brits believing you can get all the information they need from looking at a home this way. And with one in six even willing to make an offer without setting foot in the house itself, it’s time to discover how to make this new way of doing things work for you through virtual viewing style tips with Kate Watson-Smyth.

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Purplebricks, who carried out this research, has teamed up with the Mad About the House interiors expert to show people how you can make your home more appealing on an online showing.

1. First impressions still matter

Virtual viewing style tips with Kate Watson-Smyth sitting room

(Image credit: Kate Watson-Smyth & Purplebricks)

While viewers may not physically be in your home, they will be taking the place in in the same way.

'There are a number of practical things you can do to make a great first impression, but the hardest part of showing your home virtually is giving people that feeling or vibe you get when you step into a house,' says Kate. 

Keep the hallway clear and tidy, and open any internal doors to keep things light and bright, and while you can't use the old tricks of ensuring the scent fo freshly baked bread wafting though the house, there are other ways to make the house seems like a potential new home.

'Place fresh flowers to brighten up a room, make sure all of the rooms are clean and tidy, show off any storage space, pull back the curtains to let in the light, and stage the rooms to encourage buyers to see themselves in the home with their family and friends,' advises Kate.

2. Be transparent

Virtual viewing style tips with Kate Watson-Smyth bedroom

(Image credit: Kate Watson-Smyth & Purplebricks)

Today's buyers are more than likely to be savvy to photography tricks, so are likely to be wary of any corners left out of photographs and videos. 

Ensure 360º shots of each room, and take pictures in a style which fully explain the layout.

Also make sure to acknowledge problem areas. Kate suggests, 'if you have a small dark room then dress it to be cosy and inviting and show how you use it – e.g. as a kid’s TV room, a home office, or a guest room.'

3. Keep it clean and clear

Virtual viewing style tips with Kate Watson-Smyth bathroom

(Image credit: Kate Watson-Smyth & Purplebricks)

Every room in the home, from the smallest laundry corner through to a master suite should be well presented and brightly lit.

Cleanliness is key too. Make sure every surface is sparkling and shining, and ensure that you haven't left any piles of washing or or muddy shoes around the place.

4. Show off storage

Virtual viewing style tips with Kate Watson-Smyth kitchen

(Image credit: Kate Watson-Smyth & Purplebricks)

Storage can be a game changer in any room, but no more so than in the kitchen. In this space, make sure at least one cupboard is tidy and left open so viewers can establish the space in their minds. Declutter surfaces, too, to show off prep areas.

If your home is blessed with a pantry or utility room then it's worth spending some time here, too. Show off the space and make it clear where the white goods are stored, and any extra storage spaces for laundry and gadgets.

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