Claridge’s duvet tucking technique may improve your sleep – this is what the experts think

The secret to a five-star sleep is simple – here’s what the experts want you to know

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Creating the perfect sleep environment comes down to a number of factors – but one important element is often overlooked, according to Claridge’s. The iconic Mayfair hotel has revealed that your bedroom’s temperature could be stopping you from getting a good night’s sleep – but how can you improve ventilation in your space? 

The answer is found in Claridge’s duvet tucking technique – a method that is a staple at the London landmark. This tip may help you sleep better – and it’s approved by experts beyond the hotel’s glossy black door. Here’s what you need to know – for a Claridge’s-style sleep every night. 

Claridge’s duvet tucking technique


(Image credit: Claridge’s)

‘Keeping cool is conducive to sleep,’ says Anne Barnes, the Deputy Director of Housekeeping at Claridge’s. When it comes to curating your bedroom ideas for sleep, Anne recommends using a soft, light sheet to keep you covered when a duvet is too hot,’ but this is only the beginning. 

The main secret is in the hotel’s bed-making tip, which involves tucking the bottom of the duvet under the mattress but leaving the sides loose. 

‘We tuck the bottom of every duvet under the mattress for style but leave the sides loose for ventilation and ease. You don’t want to feel restricted when you’re trying to sleep,’ Anne says. This technique will allow for the right amount of ventilation – without tainting your scheme. 

What do sleep experts think? 


(Image credit: Claridge’s)

Claridge’s duvet tucking technique is at the peak of all luxury bedroom ideas, but what do sleep experts suggest? Dorothy Chambers at Sleep Junkie points towards evidence that we sleep better in cooler environments – meaning ventilation is key. 

‘Whether you prefer your duvet tucked or untucked, the only thing that can be said for certain is that we sleep better in a cooler environment,’ Dorothy says. ‘Be sure to allow plenty of airflow through the room, and you should be able to drift off soundly.’ 

While you may have already picked up the best mattress for sleep and painted your walls a therapeutic color, Dorothy also suggests that the temperature is just as important to an uninterrupted slumber.


(Image credit: Claridge’s)

‘The general advice is to keep your bed and bedroom cool. Being too hot at night can affect the quality of sleep you receive, making it more difficult to get to and stay asleep, leading to increased fatigue and a bad mood,’ she says. 

To ensure your bedroom receives enough ventilation, Dorothy recommends taking Claridge’s duvet technique one step further by increasing airflow through your space throughout the day – and wearing loose clothing to bed. 

Will you change the way you make your bed in the morning? 

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