Wonderful ways to be more productive when working from home

Simple changes to make working at home more bearable.

With more and more of us working from home, whilst in lockdown, we look for the best ways to make our home life more adaptable to this sudden change in lifestyle.

As student living specialists, Scape believes that simple and affordable touches to a space can make all the difference.


During this time our home is functioning as both a work space and an area for rest and relaxation. Maintaining tranquil surroundings is just as important for effective work as it is for creating a positive space to unwind in at the end of a busy day.

When you are working within a compact space, it’s important to keep the room minimal. Include simple, useful objects you use day in day out in order to avoid clutter and minimise distractions and mess when you need to concentrate and be your most productive. Sensible storage options can be a great way to clear out and organise your things so that you can save time and keep tidy during a busy week.

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A lack of exposure to natural daylight can take its toll on our mental health. It is important to make sure that enough light can get into the room by keeping the blinds open in the morning or investing in a SAD lamp, that wakes you up with bright light. Research has proven that exposing ourselves to light in the morning can improve our ability to relax and sleep in the evening by setting light-related circadian rhythms.

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One of the most important changes one can make to a room is choosing the colour scheme. Although the idea of big bold colours may appeal to many, and often seems to be one of the most accessible and easy to implement changes you can make to uplift the mood of a room, it needs to be planned and executed properly to offer a desired effect.

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A hint of colour such as yellow, green or red can be used to accent and highlight the room, with white or cream walls used to create a light and open space. Softer paint colours for the walls such as blue or green can be used to create a calming environment and brighter accents can lift mood. Blue hues can help to create a calming atmosphere, interacting well with the light to bring a relaxing aura.

For those that can’t paint their space or find accommodation that has been decorated or furnished with bold or calming colour, then colourful artwork, posters and prints are a great way to add both colour and character to a space. Surrounding your space with colour and things that reflect your personality is going to help you to feel more inspired and at home in your space, which in turn will result in a happier you.

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