This gray entryway is the stand-out space in Zendaya's Brooklyn apartment – here's why

In the first room of her condo, the actor reminds us of gray's enduring power – and designers urge us all to follow suit

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Zendaya has a way of setting headlines in Los Angeles and London, where she spends time with her partner (and Hollywood actor) Tom Holland. However, a look inside her Brooklyn apartment shows us that the actor also has a legacy on the east coast's design scene. 

The California native, known for Spider-Man, Euphoria, and Dune – purchased a $4.9 million waterfront condo in 2021 – complete with an open-plan living room, chef’s kitchen, and views of Manhattan's skyline as standard. With its floor-to-ceiling windows and plank oak floors, the entire apartment certainly knows how to impress. However, it is the gray entryway (seen in the third photo of the carousel below) that designers love the most. And they're encouraging us to follow in Zendaya's lead.

'Having a gray entryway can offer a range of benefits. Firstly, gray is a versatile color that can complement different color schemes and design styles. Whether your home has a modern, traditional, or eclectic interior, a gray entryway can easily blend in and enhance the overall aesthetic,' says the founder of Lauren Ashley Design, Lauren Brantley.

In Zendaya's case, the space is distinctly contemporary – designed to complement her open-plan structure with the way it directly into the living space – and allows the entire floor to feel as one. 

The entryway in question features a large marble table topped with two books (you can shop for our favorite coffee table books below) and a lampshade, which is essential when styling a gray hallway

'Gray can enhance your entryway lighting. It acts as a natural reflector of light, bouncing light around the space and making it feel brighter and more welcoming,' Lauren says.'This can be particularly beneficial if your entryway lacks natural light sources, as gray can help create a brighter and more inviting atmosphere.'


Zendaya and Tom Holland

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Alongside the curated accessories, Zendaya's entryway exhibits (at least) two artworks – one of which with blue-green hues that, the designer says, is accentuated by the light gray base. 

'A gray entryway can be a neutral canvas that accentuates your décor elements,' she says. 'If you have colorful furniture, artwork, or accessories in your entryway, a gray backdrop can provide a subtle backdrop that allows those items to stand out and become visual focal points.'

And aesthetics aside, the actress' entryway color has its practical benefits, too. 'These spaces are high-traffic areas that can quickly accumulate dirt, mud, and wear over time,' Lauren explains. 

'Gray, a mid-toned color, can hide dirt and wear better than lighter colors, making it a practical choice for busy entryways requiring easy maintenance.' Because no entryway is immune from a little wear and tear, not even Zendaya's.  

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