Hear me out – you need this armless ergonomic office chair from Amazon

The viral TikTok office chair is on sale, but is it any good?

AKA the Amazon criss-cross chair, the Pukami Armless Office Desk Chair sits in front of a midcentury wooden desk
(Image credit: Amazon)
Homes & Gardens Verdict

The Pukami Armless Cross-Legged Office Chair is a stylish, ergonomic option that will help anyone sit cross-legged, as well as alleviate back pain

Reasons to buy
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    Easy to set up

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  • +

    Multiple colors

Reasons to avoid
  • -


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    No wheels

  • -

    Won't work for every space

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After the chaos of the pandemic, lost of of us are resigned to a semi work-from-home schedule. However, as much as I love to occasionally curl up and write from my bed, that definitely isn't ideal for my back and shoulders. 

So, as I got ready for my role as H&G’s new style editor, I decided to go ahead and look for a chair that would be stylish, comfortable, and good for my back. While it seemed like a tall order, I found the perfect chair in very unlikely space: TikTok. I've seen several videos of users singing praises of the Pukami Armless Cross-Legged Office Chair, citing how plush, efficient, and chic it is.

Easy, right? Should be a simple choice. However, I'm not one to believe a random TikToker at the drop of a hat, and this chair comes with a huge caveat: it is sold on Amazon. Amazon doesn't scream high-end furniture to me. It is far from one of the best places to buy office chairs, so it piqued my curiosity. I simply had to get one of these into my place and see if it could live up to the hype. 

What's the deal?


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The famous Criss-Cross Office Chair’ has most recently gone viral on the social media platform thanks in part to its affordability—as a matter of fact, it’s on sale right now. However, the biggest draw of this chair is the fact that it’s armless, which means that you can comfortably sit cross-legged on it.

This makes it one of the most convenient office chairs on the market. After all, let’s be honest. We all would much prefer to sit cross-legged while we’re feverishly trying to put some complicated thoughts on paper. Well, at least I would, and the comfy foam fabric and criss-cross design claims to offer stability for the back as well.

What's the design like?

This ingenious office chair comes in a huge variety of colors, from simple beige and gray to cheerful mint green and baby pink. There’s even a slightly cheeky ‘Hermés Orange’ color that I had my eyes on, until I realized that it unfortunately would not go with my decor in the slightest. 

This chair has been created in a soft linen with a pretty tufted design, and the best part, of course, is how wide it is, allowing for a comfortable cross-legged seat. However, it doesn't have any wheels, which is perfect for my space but may be frustrating if you need to scoot around a larger home office.

Is it actually comfortable?

The chair is also incredibly lightweight and adjustable, so no matter the height of your table, you’ll be able to move it up and down with ease. In fact, the main issue that I thought I might have with this chair was the fact that it has no armrests, but honestly, I actually preferred it. 

The U-shaped design of the chair let me sit up without slouching, and my elbows were on my table the whole time. According to the makers, this chair has been designed to release pressure at the spine, which can also reduce the fatigue that might occur from sitting around all day. I could swivel around easily whenever I needed to turn to grab a pen or something from my desk, and the chair only took 15 minutes to set up when it arrived.

A Pukami Armless Office Desk Chair

(Image credit: Amazon)

Should you buy it?

Honestly, if you’re someone who needs a home office to work, you would do well to purchase the Pukami Armless Cross-Legged Office Chair, available at Amazon. It will very easily mix in with almost all home decor, and is conveniently adjustable. However, if you’re someone who likes to wheel your chair around your home or would like armrests in order to type (cough, my parents), you may not enjoy this design. 

For me, though, it’s the perfect new addition to my WFH setup. It makes sure I don’t wake up with back aches every morning, so it's already an improvement. Add the surprisingly chic style and low price, and I'm very happy with this chair. 

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

Nikhita is the Style Editor for Homes & Gardens, making sure our home-savvy readers are always aware of the latest trends and deepening their knowledge of classic design. Nikhita graduated with her Master of Arts in Magazine Journalism from New York University, and has spent a decade in interior design and shopping roles at shelter publications ELLE DECOR and Domino Magazine.