Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic Pillow review − a hotel-quality pillow for back and front sleepers

The Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic is a budget-friendly pillow with just the right amount of give

Three Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic Pillow on a bedroom bench, along with the Curved and Ultimate Curved options.
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Homes & Gardens Verdict

I'd recommend the Sleep Number PlushComfort Pillow to anyone looking to upgrade their sleep and elevate their bedspread. These pillows come in three distinct styles to support different types of sleeper. I sampled the Classic Pillow, which would be perfect for back and stomach sleepers, though it might be a little too soft for side sleepers.

Reasons to buy
  • +

    Ideal for back and stomach sleepers

  • +

    Great neck support

  • +

    Soft and squishy

Reasons to avoid
  • -

    Less suitable for side sleepers

  • -

    On the softer side

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The Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic Pillow could be a gamechanger for stomach sleepers. If you've struggled to find a pillow that supports your neck and shoulders without straining them, you need look no further.

For a down alternative pillow, the Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic has a lot of natural loft. It held its shape admirably over a month of testing and came out the washing machine looking as good as new. While side sleepers might find the Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic a bit too squishy, they could always opt for the Curved or Ultimate Curved Pillows, instead. 

I slept on the Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic Pillow every night for a month before I wrote this review. I assessed the pillow on its comfort, the quality of its construction, and the all-important price. I also documented the unboxing process to give you the fullest possible picture of what it might be like to use this pillow.

While there's no such thing as a single pillow to support every kind of sleeper, the Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic Pillow comes pretty close, and is definitely in the running as one of the best pillows

Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic Pillow Specifications

PlushComfort Classic Pillow on a counter.

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SizesStandard, King
Dimensions26 x 20" (Standard), 36 x 20" (King)
ColorWhite with a gray seam
CareMachine-washable and dryer-safe
CertificationsOEKO-TEX STANDARD 100

Who would suit the Sleep Number PlushComfort Pillow?

The Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic Pillow on a bed.

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Sleep Number offers three PlushComfort pillows to suit specific sleeping positions. There's the Classic, which provides gentle neck and shoulder support for back and stomach sleepers. Side sleepers might prefer the Curved pillow, which fits your contours for enhanced comfort and support. There's also the Ultimate Curved pillow, featuring three inserts that you can remove and replace to suit your sleep needs. Sleep Number recommends one or two inserts for stomach sleepers, and two or three for back and side sleepers. 

As a stomach sleeper, I've had my fair share of pillows that are either too firm for belly sleeping and lead to arched backs and achy necks, or are too flat and offer insufficient support. Fortunately, the PlushComfort Classic Pillow walks the line of squish and support. 

The PlushComfort Classic Pillow is made from down alternative, so consumers get the look and feel of down without the effort of cleaning it. The pillow is considered hypoallergenic, so it's suitable for sensitive sleepers.

Setting up the PlushComfort Pillow

Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic Pillow on a bed.

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The PlushComfort Pillow comes ready to use. That is, unless you select the Ultimate Curved option, with its custom inserts. The Classic Pillow arrives in a simple bag, ideal for transport or regifting, and it's ready to use right away.

Given the unique shapes and sizes of the PlushComfort Pillows, I was intrigued to see whether they fit inside my standard pillowcases, and I was surprised to find they did. The cases didn't fall off or cinch up but wrapped right around the pillow. For just over $18, Sleep Number customers can pick up a cotton pillow protector for the perfect fit.

Sleeping on the PlushComfort Pillow

Sleep Number PlushComfort Classic Pillow on a sofa.

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The PlushComfort Classic Pillow is easy to sleep on and should leave you feeling rested, without any neck soreness the next morning. It's also a breathable pillow, so belly sleepers won't struggle for air. When you rest your head on the PlushComfort Classic Pillow, you'll sink through the fluff until you reach the more supportive base part of the pillow. 

I found that, true to what Sleep Number advertises, this isn't a great pillow for side sleepers. If you sleep on your side, your head will fall too far, causing some unnatural and uncomfortable neck and spine alignment. If you usually sleep with two pillows to prop up your neck, you might find the PlushComfort Classic Pillow too soft.

How does the PlushComfort Pillow rate online?

3 PlushComfort Pillows on a bed.

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The PlushComfort Pillow holds a 4.5-star average on the Sleep Number site and boasts over 8,000 five-star ratings. Many of the reviews commend the support provide by the pillow with one user noting that, since sleeping with the PlushComfort Pillow, they no longer have neck pain or stiffness. Still more reviews noted improved sleep quality, thanks to the comfort and plushness of the pillow. 

There are a smattering of more negative reviews. Some customers felt the pillow was unsuitable for side sleepers or too curved for their personal preference. A few customers felt the pillow soon lost its shape and would need to be replaced each year.

Is the PlushComfort Pillow worth it?

If you are a belly or back sleeper hoping for a cozy and comfortable experience, with a bit of support, the PlushComfort Pillow is worth it. Retailing for around $70, the price of the pillow is well aligned with the value. This feels like a pillow that will hold its shape well over time: it hasn't broken down at all through weeks of daily testing. 

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