Best places to buy pillows in 2024

From retail giants to small manufacturers, these are the best places to buy pillows of the highest quality

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Looking to shop the best places to buy pillows? A great pillow can make or break a good night’s sleep. No matter how beautiful and soft your sheets are and how comfortable your mattress is – if your pillow isn’t right for you then you’re unlikely to wake up well rested. And we all know how crucial great sleep is to our wellbeing. So, taking the time to research and choose your pillow is truly worth the effort.

The best pillows come in a variety of sizes, fillings, and casings. Many are designed for specific sleeping positions, and there even are a few adjustable fill options on the market if you have very specific requirements for how lofty you like your pillow.   

The best places to buy pillows on our list cater to all pillow requirements. Some are large retailers with literally thousands of choices. Others are smaller companies with a well-curated choice of a few impeccably executed options. However you like to shop, and however you like your pillows, there will be a destination for you here. 

H&G's Favorite Pillow Brands

1. Bed, Bath & Beyond

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Known for: Bed, bath, furniture, decor, lighting

Available at: Bed, Bath & Beyond

Bed, Bath & Beyond is the best place to buy pillows, no contest. If you want a trusted destination for pillow shopping with a huge selection and tons of reviews to help your research, this is it. The brand selection is impressive and ranges from bestselling brands like Tempur and Therapedic to more niche offerings by bioPEDIC and other smaller manufacturers. These guys even carry a couple of pillows by Martha Stewart. Your online search is easy to filter on the left-hand side, whether you are brand loyal or need a specific filling type, or want to make sure that your pillow is environmentally-friendly. 

2. Wayfair

Known for: Furniture, bedroom, accessories, lighting, outdoor

Available at: Wayfair

Shopping at Wayfair never gets old – not least because the online search experience is so smooth and aesthetically pleasing. Search for ‘bed pillows’ on Wayfair and you’ll get over 3,000 results – more than you’ll ever get from any department store. What we really like is the filtering menu on the left-hand side, which allows you to search by sleep position and comfort level – not something every online shopping destination offers. Wayfair also has its own affordable range of pillows. We haven’t tried them, but the reviews are promising. Besides, Wayfair almost always seems to have a sale on, so whatever your pillow brand of choice, you’re likely to get it slightly cheaper here. 

3. Boll & Branch

Known for: Organic bedding

Available at: Boll & Branch

If you care about what your pillows are made from and want organic cotton casings, this is the best place to buy pillows. All fillings are traceable, including down, which is sourced from US farms. Oh, and did we mention the gorgeous organic cotton pillow cases to match?

4. Brooklinen

Known for: Bed, Bath, decor accessories

Available at: Brooklinen 

Brooklinen is one of the best places to buy bedding for many – but did you know they also have a very good, if small, range of pillows? If you don’t want a hundred options but would rather choose between a few good ones, then it’s well worth checking out Brooklinen’s core range. They have a down option, a memory foam option, and a microfiber option that the brand calls ‘the best on the market’ and is our favorite as it’s great for hot sleepers. 

5. The Company Store

Known for: Pillows, Bedding, comforters, protectors

Available at: The Company Store 

A large selection of brands makes this one of the best places to buy pillows online, but it’s especially good if you have slightly more unusual sleeping requirements. The Company Store carries many wedge pillow options, which are great for people suffering from various problems while sleeping. Neckroll and posture pillows are also available, and even knee pillow options for people suffering from knee pain. 

6. Coop Home

Known for: pillows, bedding, pet beds

Available at: Coop Home, Amazon

Coop Home is best known for the wonder that is its adjustable pillow, which was one of the first pillows on the market to feature adjustable fill – and which is still one of the best pillows in this category. There is now a whole range of Coop Home adjustable pillow with various fillings – memory foam, gel, microfiber – there’s bound to be one that’s just right for you in there. 

7. The Wool Room

Known for: Wool-filled pillows

Available at: The Wool Room

Wool pillows are a best-kept secret for hot sleepers. Wool helps regulate your body temperature, preventing you from overheating. The Wool Room is a leader in making wool-filled bedding and their wool-filled pillows are highly rated and washable. What we like even more is that there is a washable wool-filled full-body pillow – great for pregnancy.

8. Parachute

Known for: Bedding, pillows, bath, decor, furniture

Available at: Parachute

If feather/down is your pillow filling of choice, head straight to Parachute – it’s their specialty. The classic European down pillow is a joy and feels like sleeping on a cloud, but there are many other options if you want the feel of down but are a bit hesitant to buy down because of the issues with sourcing it sustainably. There is an exciting recycled down option and many down alternative options that feel very similar but are synthetic – and a tiny bit cheaper. 

9. Bloomingdale’s

Known for: Bed, bath, kitchen, home decor, furniture, accessories

Available at: Bloomingdale’s

If you enjoy the department store shopping experience from the comfort of your own home, you can’t go wrong with Bloomingdale’s. The store stocks a variety of brands, from classics like Tempur to really luxurious options like Yves Delorme. However, Bloomingdale’s own range of pillows is also impressive and well worth checking out. The Primaloft range is our favorite – a synthetic down alternative that feels like the real thing and is hypoallergenic. 

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