Where's the best place to buy bathroom hardware? These 6 brands perfectly balance beauty with functionality

Bathroom hardware may be small in size, but your chosen designs can still be big in personality – and these brands offer the most stylish pieces

Where to buy bathroom hardware
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Beautiful bathroom hardware is a wonderful way to make your scheme feel more luxurious. Whether you want to add a playful pop of color or infuse your bathroom with traditional charm, your chosen hardware might be the finishing touch you've been looking for.

When planning your bathroom ideas, it's easy to overlook the hardware, but these pieces can make all the difference in creating a space that not only looks good but can stand the test of time, too.

If you're unsure where to find the best bathroom hardware, look no further. We've rounded up our favorite places to shop – whatever your interior design style. These brands and retailers offer a fabulous balance of style and function, exactly what you need for a bathroom that endures.

Where to buy bathroom hardware

Bathroom hardware includes everything from door handles and knobs to towel rails, hanging hooks, and toilet roll fixtures – and sourcing all of these details for your bathroom can be a tedious task. But, with the right brands on your radar, shopping for bathroom hardware can actually be quite enjoyable – and these stores have exactly what you need.

1. Wayfair

White bathroom with chrome hardware

(Image credit: Wayfair/Three Posts™)

If you want to shop for bathroom hardware somewhere that has a vast variety of styles and price points, Wayfair has you covered. Whether you're exploring modern bathroom ideas, traditional bathroom ideas, colorful or classic, there's plenty of choice here.

As always, Wayfair's bathroom hardware filtering options make shopping so much easier, especially if you have a clear vision of the style and finish you want.

One thing that really stands out on the Wayfair website is the option to shop bathroom hardware sets – if you want to create a cohesive scheme with hardware, you don't have to search for individual pieces.

2. West Elm

West Elm bathroom hardware

(Image credit: West Elm)

From robe hooks and towel rails to shelving and toilet roll holders, West Elm's bathroom hardware section has plenty to choose from. There are some lovely designs here, including rustic pieces and mid-century-inspired designs.

While West Elm's range is on the smaller side, the simplistic designs mean their pieces can work in almost any scheme. There are three main finishes used throughout their stock: antique brass, chrome, and dark bronze, so there's something for every hardware finish preference.

Stand-out pieces here include the Mid-Century Wall Rack which comes in a warming acorn-colored wood and feels more appropriate than single hooks if you need lots of hanging space. The pared-back designs and sleek lines are a real appeal, offering unfussy hardware that will endure bathroom trends.

3. Lowes

Where to buy bathroom hardware

(Image credit: Lowes/Delta)

A go-to store for all things home improvement-related, shopping for bathroom hardware at Lowes promises variety, in styles, finishes, and cost. The nature of this store means there are a lot of different brands in stock, so you can shop a wider variety of hardware options in one place.

The categories within the bathroom hardware section make finding what you're looking for much simpler. Whether you're looking for a whole set, just one item, or a mix of handles, hooks, and faucets, with a few clicks you will be served with exactly what you're searching for.

The amount of choice here makes it a favorite for shoppers, alongside the inclusive pricing. There are some truly unique designs, including this KOHLER towel ring, that make a real statement in your bathroom scheme.

4. Anthropologie

Bathroom hardware from anthropologie

(Image credit: Anthropologie)

Anthropologies' bathroom hardware is just as you might expect from the brand – a blend of traditional styles and quirky, novelty designs that somehow master timeless appeal. This might not be the place to shop if you're looking for pared-back and simple, but if you want to add charm, personality, and a design statement, look no further.

The bathroom hardware here is mostly gold or black, but a few coll-toned options are also available. The quirkier designs feature various animals and botanicals, with a surprising variety to suit plenty of schemes.

Mentionable bathroom hardware options here include the Nellie Towel Ring (featuring a fun design of a hand holding the ring), the Bumblebee Towel Hook, and the Magazine and Toilet Paper Holder.

5. Walmart

Wooden bathroom with a wooden vanity and wood framed bathroom mirror

(Image credit: Walmart)

An accessible and affordable all-rounder, Walmart's homeware department extends to bathroom hardware alongside the expected decor. Although it's not quite as easy to shop as some of the other brands (each type of Walmart's bathroom hardware is separated into its own category), there are plenty of options to consider.

The best way to shop for bathroom hardware at Walmart is by using the search bar, which gives you a really relevant selection. Hardware finishes vary, with warm and cool metals available in most hardware options, alongside matte black.

The bathroom hardware sets are a handy way to find everything you're looking for and save you from looking through each category. If it's handles and knobs for bathroom cabinets you're looking for though, the variety is more practical than aesthetic.

6. Pottery Barn

Bathroom with silver hardware

(Image credit: Pottery Barn)

The bathroom hardware section on Pottery Barn's website offers 167 results, featuring cabinet knobs and pulls, towel racks and rings, toilet roll holders, hooks, and hardware collections, so there's plenty to consider.

Pottery Barn's bathroom hardware comes in classic styles, with up to five different finishes to choose from. Designs range from simple and elegant to more detailed, but the main draw here is that the pieces offered are truly timeless.

A few pieces stand-out designs include the Francis cabinet Knobs and the Frey Bathroom Hardware collection that comes in three different finishes. The variety really appeals, with bathroom hardware to suit traditional bathrooms as well as more rustic schemes.

Bathroom hardware should be stylish and help to elevate your scheme. Finding the right designs isn't always easy, but these brands prove to be the best places to shop for bathroom hardware to add aesthetic appeal and personality to your space.

For more bathroom inspiration, we explore the best places to buy bathroom vanities in our separate guide.

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