I'm a shopping writer – these are the best blinds

For shade from the sun and safety from prying eyes, there’s nothing like a blind.

An example of the best blinds - Venetian blinds over a read nook
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Blinds give you control over your home. With the twist of a wand or the pull of a string, you can block out light and noise. The right shade can also keep your room cool while enhancing your sense of security. 

You can shop for blinds by style, choosing between long vertical slats and smaller, horizontal or ‘Venetian’ blinds. You could also shop for special features, such as blinds that are suitable for outdoor use, or even blinds that can be controlled by an app. There are so many types of blinds, and so many technical terms, that it can be difficult to know where to start. 

That’s where I come in. As a shopping writer and an interiors enthusiast, I’ve experimented with all sorts of window blind ideas. I’ve scoured the sites of specialist window treatment stores, as well as the top home furniture retailers, to bring you the very best. I’ve broken down those technical terms, too, to help you understand what you’re shopping for.

My shortlist features everything from Venetian blinds to Roman shades, wooden bars to aluminum slats. Whatever the shape and size of your window, I’ve found the blind for you. 

Best blinds 2024

Best blinds FAQs

Which window blinds are best?

Which blinds are best all depends on where you’re putting them, as well as your personal preferences. Broader windows look best with vertical blinds, which work against their long horizontal lines to add interest. Venetian blinds are better suited to smaller windows, while Roman shades are thin enough to fit into shallow spaces. There are wood blinds, aluminum blinds, and fabric blinds to choose from, with a whole host of special features, so it’s worth shopping around to find the shade that suits your space. 

Where can I buy window blinds?

Since blinds are made to measure, they require a high quality of craftsmanship. It’s often best to seek out specialist online stores, like Blinds Galore and Blinds.com, though many of the top home furniture retailers stock blinds, too.  

Can window blinds be shortened?

Yes. All you have to do is measure one inch above your floor or window sill and find the slat that hits the mark. With a flathead screwdriver, remove the bottom rail from the blinds, then use your fingers to unthread the superfluous slats. Once you’ve reached your desired length, reattach the bottom rail and trim any extra strings.   

Can window blinds be repaired?

While you can find all sorts of home remedies online, it’s best to seek professional help with more complex mechanisms. Some of the most common issues include broken or bent slats, jammed or frayed cords, and sagging Blinds are lifted and lowered every day, so it’s no surprise when they sustain minor injuries. 

Final thoughts

While the best blinds are built to last, they still need regular care and cleaning. It’s important to learn how to clean blinds to ensure you get the most out of your product.

If you know you want a window covering, but you just can’t make your mind up, you’re in luck: we’ve outlined all the pros and cons of drapes vs curtains vs shades vs blinds. 

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