9 stylish bookends that will elevate your shelves in an instant

I’ve scoured every single retailer to find the perfect bookends for all the interior design styles, from crystal options to a new take on marble decor

A selection of bookends
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Bookshelf Wealth is my favorite trend right now – primarily because there are no rules at all for picking the items that will transform your space and infuse it with personality. I’m an avid reader and always have loads of items on my bookshelf that aren’t actually books, and our editors here at H&G follow a similar thought pattern when picking their bookshelf decor.

Honestly, there are tons of decor items you can use to bring the Bookshelf Wealth aesthetic to your space, but my absolute favorite and most versatile way has to be the use of bookends. First of all, they’ll make sure that your books actually stay in place on your bookshelf, but they’re also a great way to tell your own decor story and add some of your favorite interior design trends into your home.

Bookshelves with a trailing plant

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'Select bookends that mirror your personal interior design style tale or hobbies, and turn every shelf into a story – so your bookshelf isn’t just a place for storing things,' says New York City-based interior designer Artem Kropovinsky. 'I would also say to match the textures and colors of the room—for instance, marble works in minimalist rooms, or consider polished wood for warmer interiors.'

I looked around at all my favorite home retailers and, of course, found that every single one of them had their own take on bookends that took note of tons of fun materials and sizes – think rattan, marble, metal, and even glass – in order to allow you to incorporate these decor pieces into your own Bookshelf Wealth design space. No matter whether you’re into a farmhouse look or prefer to go more contemporary, there’s a selection of bookends that will work especially for you.

The most stylish bookends to elevate any shelf

Bookends are a great, personable way to get in on the Bookshelf Wealth aesthetic, especially if you need a quick switch-up that will instantly change the look of your shelving. Pick from a selection of materials and styles, and update your look just in time to try out all your favorite new spring decor ideas.

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

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