The Uplift: our editors pick the best decor to elevate your bookshelves and nail the Bookshelf Wealth aesthetic

Bookshelf Wealth is majorly trending on TikTok, and our editors share their favorite items to display

A selection of decor for the Bookshelf Wealth trend
(Image credit: Bloomingdales, CB2, Anthropologie)

The Uplift is a monthly series in which our Style Editor Nikhita Mahtani uncovers the best small decor to bring joy to your home. She consults our experts and picks through thousands of pieces from the biggest designers and retailers to bring you the very best.

As an avid reader myself, I must say that there really is something special about a well-curated bookshelf. Not only can you display all your favorite reads, but in addition, one of the top interior design trends of this year has everything to do with this furniture piece: Bookshelf Wealth.

Essentially, the Bookshelf Wealth design trend consists of outfitting your bookshelf with your favorite books (naturally), but also with your most prized homey possessions that really bring a sense of personality to your space. Think mirrors, decorative trays, candles, honestly whatever your heart desires, as long as it makes sense to you and is something that you love. 

Therefore, Bookshelf Wealth isn’t actually about the “look” of the space, per say, but how that space makes you feel. Things are displayed, but not in a traditional way. House of Hive Design Co., an interior design firm based in San Diego, put out a TikTok explaining the trend, and of course, it soon exploded.


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Naturally, your bookshelf will be a very personal project, as you’ll want to display all the items that mean the most to you. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t take your design inspiration from somewhere. 

The H&G team have their own ideas when it comes to how to design a bookshelf, and I interviewed them all to find their treasured decor knick-knacks and favorite pieces that bring joy to their spaces. None of these options will require you to completely overhaul your space, but will easily help bring the Bookshelf Wealth trend into your home.

The best pieces to bring into your bookshelves to add instant charm

While the Bookshelf Wealth trend is largely personal and depends on your own curated space and design style, our editors have offered fun ways in which they incorporate the trend into their own homes to give you some inspiration. Honestly, the best part about this trend is there are no rules, so feel free to go wild.

Nikhita Mahtani
Style Editor

Nikhita is the Style Editor for Homes & Gardens, making sure our home-savvy readers are always aware of the latest trends and deepening their knowledge of classic design. Nikhita graduated with her Master of Arts in Magazine Journalism from New York University, and has spent a decade in interior design and shopping roles at shelter publications ELLE DECOR and Domino Magazine.