Best cocktail glasses 2024 - for everything from margaritas to mojitos

The best cocktail glasses are stylish and substantial. Our experts have found the best

Some of the best cocktail glasses with a variety of cocktails: a negroni, an old fashioned, a mojito and an espresso martini
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When creating a home bar, the best cocktail glasses are an essential. Some simple shapes are suitable for a range of cocktail concoctions, but others are very specifically designed to accentuate the flavors of your drink, whilst making it look pretty, of course.

I've been cultivating my home bar for years and have tried the full range of cocktail glass shapes and sizes. If you're short on space, invest in a good martini glass or a premium highball glass, because these suit most cocktails. When you get serious about your home bar, it's worth having an array of shapes and sizes.

Having looked through hundreds of cocktail glasses, I have found the most substantial and yet stylish selection. I've experienced more than my fair share of snapped and shattered glasses, so I made sure that all the glasses wouldn't cause the same problem. If you plan on designing a home bar, you won't want to be without these.

From margaritas and martinis, to whiskey and champagne, this is the best version of every glass you need to complete your cocktail collection.

Best cocktail glasses 2024

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Complete The Bar

A martini glass with olives in and some flowers in the background

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If you're looking to complete your home bar, there are a few other products that it's good to keep in mind. These are three essentials that you'll need before you start shaking and stirring. You can buy a home bar bundle like this Williams Sonoma Signature Set, or, you can search around for the products that the experts recommend. 

It's worth keeping some pre-made cocktails to hand for when you don't have the time to bartend. MOTH makes the best, bar-quality cocktails on the market. I highly recommend them.


Which glass is best for cocktails?

Either a martini or highball glass: highballs are excellent for icy drinks with lots of mixers, whilst martini glasses suit stronger cocktails.

Does the type of glass matter for cocktails?

Some experts say that good quality glass, especially crystal, will enhance the aromas of your cocktail and keep it at the correct temperature. If you're new to cocktail glasses, I would prioritize good quality, but avoid ultra-delicate glasses, since these are easy to chip and shatter.

Why do people use different cocktail glasses?

The shape of your glass's bowl can enhance the flavors of your cocktail. A wide, bulbous shape will enhance the aroma rich ingredients of some drinks, whilst a slimmer glass will provide a smoother flow.

Final thoughts

TWC Ferne Twisted Stem Champagne Coupes

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Every beautiful home bar should be fitted with a range of cocktail glasses. Some flavor notes and alcohols require a flatter, saucer-style shape, whilst others need bowls or curves to enhance the notes. A sturdy rim will support even the most elaborate garnish and a sturdy stem can save you spilt cocktails or shattered glasses. 

When you choose to get creative with your cocktails, having the perfect glass can make all the difference, so choose carefully. If you're in any doubt, start with the unbreakable martini glasses and you can expand your collection from there.

How we test

TWC Halden Champagne Flutes & TWC glasses

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When we recommend products at Homes & Gardens, we have normally tested them ourselves. However, we didn't manage to take these cocktail glasses to our test kitchen to take them through our rigorous rounds of tests. 

In absence of personal experience, I have researched these glasses extensively, reading professional and customer reviews until I know everything you need to. If there's a special benefit or use for these glasses, I'll tell you about it. If you need to be careful holding them or washing them up, I'll let you know about that too. For more information on how we test, you can visit our dedicated page.

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