These are the best fall candles to make your home smell like cozy season

Whether you are a pumpkin spice lover or like the fresh crisp leaves scents, I've rounded up the best of the best fall candles for 2024

Best fall candles
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While it may shock some of you, I don't really do fall decor. Not in the pumpkin, plaid, all orange everything way anyways. I do like to bring in some heavier fabrics and cozier materials. And closer to Halloween and Thanksgiving I do add the smallest of gourds to my mantle. For me, fall is more in the way your home feels, a shift into a warmer, more welcoming home, and such a key part of that is in the scent.

Fall candles are my way of switching up my home with the season. And some of the best candles come under the fall scent category. Warm, spicy, sweet, crisp, fresh there are lots of gorgeous scents to choose from depending on how you want your home to feel.

I justify my candle obsession by the fact that I like to shift scents throughout this season. I start with the very crisp, fresher scents, one that conjures up fall walks, fallen leaves, a crisp, clean air smell. Then as the season really ramps up I change into the warmer, spicier, baked good type candles. 

Here I have rounded up my favorites. Some have been in my life for years, I just have to open the lid and it's fall, others are new additions to my collection. I am also drawn in by aesthetics, so all of these candles double as beautiful fall decor too. 

The best fall candles I am loving this year


How can you make your home smell like fall?

Candles are the simplest way to make your home small like fall. The best ones will give off a scent even when not late, but you boost the scent with diffusers. Baking will of course feel your home with all the scents the candles try to replicate or get a pot of hot wine or cider simmering on the stove. 

What are classic fall scents?

Pumpkin is of course the main fall scent, and there are both sweet and spicey versions depending on your tastes. If you like crisper, fruiter smells,  apples, pears, and fall berries like plums and blackberries as also very fall-esque. Likewise, more woody smokey scents offer something more sophisticated.

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