Designers swear this sophisticated finish is key to elevating any room, these are the chrome pieces to shop right now

Metal finishes are taking over the interior design world, and I’ve found my absolute favorite picks to add a sense of luxury to your space

A selection of chrome decor
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Chrome decor is everywhere right now, which essentially consists of metal pieces that add a sense of luxury to a space, much like a great piece of jewelry lends an elegant appeal. These days, the chrome design trend is all over the place, from vases and trays to even tables and lamps, allowing us to play with these cool metal tones in unique ways.

‘It’s fun to use metal finishes in applications other than what we typically pull them for, such as plumbing and hardware,' says Sarah Stacey, an Austin-based interior designer and founder of her own design firm, Sarah Stacey Interior Design. ‘Chrome can have a mirror-like effect that can fit into so many spaces when used on accessories and furniture.’

TK Design

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As for how to style it based on your interior design style, Stacey shares, ‘In a minimalist environment, I would do a chrome block side table or use a coffee table with a chrome plinth or base: The large, flat, reflective surface can be a great way to bounce light around a room. In a maximalist style home, I would suggest the same thing for the same reason, but I might throw in a vintage transitional chrome lamp with a chrome shade to mix up the styles for a layered look.’

The one complaint I know that you might have about chrome decor, however, is the impression that it can seem a bit cold, and therefore not exude the sense of warmth maybe some wood or vintage items would do (like a modern farmhouse style, for instance). However, after looking at all my favorite retailers and seeing their vast selection of chrome decor, I can assure you that the reflective light and sleek shapes of these chrome pieces aren’t devoid of personality in the least bit. In fact, most of them would pair really well with velvet and wood pieces, for instance. Plus, I always encourage the use of textiles to soften them up if you so choose. So, without further ado, here are nine of my favorite chrome decor pieces that’ll elevate your space.

9 chrome decor finds to elevate any room

Chrome decor adds that sense of polish to your space and gives every home a modern edge. You can go as simple as you want with a small tray or up the ante with a large table or floor lamp, all depending on whether you want more drama in your home or not. 

Nikhita Mahtani
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