Designer John Derian's Thanksgiving collaboration with Target is the perfect balance of nostalgic and chic

John Derian has collaborated with Target to create a one-of-a-kind Thanksgiving collection that is rich with vibrant color and cozy seasonal character – explore our favorite finds below

John Derian Target Thanksgiving collection
(Image credit: Target / John Derian)

John Derian's Target Thanksgiving collection celebrates everything we love about cozy Thanksgiving decor and Derian's iconic decoupage style.

The Thanksgiving-themed collection features everything from stylish tableware to cozy candles and throws, perfect for catering to a whole host of Thanksgiving decor ideas.

As you would expect from the New York-based designer, shop owner, and artist, the designs are playful, colorful, and above all, joyful, and can wonderfully enrich your Thanksgiving table decor, and more, with vibrant seasonal style.

Beautiful buys from John Derian's Target Thanksgiving collection

From turkey plates and pillows, to elegant paper decorations, we've gathered our favorite finds from John Derian's Thanksgiving collection to provide you with one stylish shopping list – but be quick, many of the items are on track to sell out – they're just too good to miss.


John Derian Target Thanksgiving collection, tableware

(Image credit: Target / John Derian)

At the center of most Thanksgiving celebrations is, of course, the dining table, and creating a beautiful tablescape filled with seasonal tableware and decoration can make all the difference in making the celebration feel more special. 

From plates to glasses and serving platters, this Thanksgiving collection has everything you need to set your table in style.

Table linens and textiles

John Derian Target Thanksgiving collection, table linens

(Image credit: Target / John Derian)

A master of artistic pattern and print, it will come as no surprise that John Derian's Target Thanksgiving collection features a wonderful range of colorful linens and textiles. 

Enhancing your dining table with inviting texture, color, and eye-catching pattern, we've selected a few of our favorite designs below.

Throw pillows and blankets

John Derian Target Thanksgiving collection, throws and pillows

(Image credit: Target / John Derian)

Throws and pillows are essential for making your home feel more cozy and comforting during fall and winter, and what better way to bring warmth and stylish character into your home for Thanksgiving than through some delightful seasonal designs. 

Our picks don't just have to be used over Thanksgiving either, many of them will work wonderfully for fall decor, too.

Decorative accessories

John Derian Target Thanksgiving collection, decorative accessories

(Image credit: Target / John Derian)

From banners to faux pumpkins and tabletop ornaments, you can be as minimalist or as maximalist as you like with fun decorative accessories for Thanksgiving. 

Aside from your Thanksgiving table, mantels, window sills, and shelving are all other great places that can be enhanced with fun decoration, too.


How do you decorate a table for Thanksgiving?

Your Thanksgiving table should be decorated with a beautiful blend of stylish, seasonal decor and practical dinnerware and serveware. 

Think of your tablescape in layers. Layer 1, your foundation layer, can start with a tablecloth, placemats, and napkins. Layer 2, everything you need to eat your Thanksgiving dinner, plates, cutlery, glassware, and serveware. Layer 3, (the fun bit) think decoration, from candles and pumpkins to vases of fall flowers and foliage, perfect for a Thanksgiving centerpiece idea, this layer is all about making your table look beautiful and feel more in sync with the season.

Whether you want to embrace a bright and colorful theme, or are looking to create a more rustic Thanksgiving table, create a dining space that is inviting, eye-catching, and special for you and your guests.

As well as their Thanksgiving collection with John Derian, Target also has an extensive range of other Thanksgiving decor – no matter the style of your home or chosen Thanksgiving theme, there is something for everyone.

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