I can't get enough of Diptyque’s new bathroom accessory line – it is better than I could have imagined

From beautiful tumblers to sleek porcelain mirrors, I think Diptyque’s new line of bathroom accessories is worth the splurge

Diptyque bathroom collection
(Image credit: Diptyque)

I will be completely honest with you and tell you that I’m a Diptyque fanatic. The second you walk into my home, you’ll see a Diptyque diffuser on the dining table, along with candles all around the living room (I’m partial to the Santal and Vanille scents – they are some of the best candles available). 

However, the spot where I adorn most of my Diptyque candles is actually the bathroom, as it lends a spa-like feel to a space that can otherwise feel quite plain. Therefore, when I heard that the famed candle brand was launching a new bathroom collection, I couldn’t wait. After all, I knew I would not be disappointed, and I was amazed when I first saw these pieces.

Designed in collaboration with porcelain manufacturer Manufacture de Couleuvre, Diptyque’s new ‘Beauty Alcoves’ collection has been created for consumers to find beauty in what would otherwise be considered very mundane options, such as soap holders and storage canisters. Across the nine-piece collection, I was amazed at the exquisite attention to detail and high-quality craftsmanship each piece offered. Is $72 for a toothbrush holder incredibly expensive? Absolutely. Does look great? Obviously.

The new Diptyque bathroom collection

Diptyque bathroom collection FAQ

Why is porcelain considered a luxury material?

Porcelain isstill  quite the luxury item when it comes to ceramics, mostly due to its considerable strength and hardness. In addition, true porcelain can only be made with kaolin and requires large deposits of the material, which is rare to obtainThe rarity and difficulty in producing high-quality porcelain means it is likely to cost more.

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