They went viral last year, but Lenox is back with Christmas decor - and it's on sale

From Christmas ornaments to holiday villages, Lenox is home to some of the best seasonal decor.

A three-panel image of lenox christmas decor; the holdiay 4-piece wine set, the holiday train 5-piece serving set, and a Bayberry cookie jar decorated with holly
(Image credit: Lenox)

Lenox is known for its collectibles (including the spice village, which went viral on TikTok last year), and this year’s holiday decor is no exception. From Lenox Christmas Village houses to Lenox Christmas ornaments, the holiday collection features a good mix of traditional and timeless with modern touches – all of which are bound to become collector’s items. 

However, it doesn't stop with Christmas accents, because I've also found a few pieces of serveware that are perfect for Christmas parties and dinners, too. There's wine glasses for more adult gatherings and cookie jars for for keeping kids fed and happy. 

After scouring the site, these are the Christmas decor picks I think are worth your time and money. 

Lenox Christmas Collection

People couldn't get enough of Lenox's spice villages last year, with videos on TikTok racking up millions of views. However, those are old news; they all came out in the 80s and 90s, and while you can find an old spice village on eBay, they're pretty expensive. With Christmas round the corner, I think it's worth considering Lenox's more recent decor. There are some gems tucked away on the Lenox site, and while I'm not enamoured with everything, but I've caught a few pieces that are well worth considering for your holiday decor. 


♬ This is what healing my inner child looks like - M’Nda (muh-een-duh)


Is Lenox worth anything?

Lenox figurines can be worth quite a lot of money. The most valuable sets are Nativity sets, which can sell for upwards of $700. 

When should I buy Christmas decor?

The best time to buy Christmas decor is right now. Lots of collections have been launched so stock is good, and there's less of a rush if you get in early before Halloween and Thanksgiving. It's still pretty early, but it can really pay off to shop now. 

Final thoughts

I love these pieces, but Lenox are far from the only retailer offering Christmas decor. We've already covered plenty – there are choices everywhere from Anthropologie to IKEA. After digging though thousands of pieces, we even found some gold on Amazon, of all places. 

Jessie Quinn
Contributing editor

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