LG vs Samsung fridge - which smart refrigerator is better?

LG and Samsung are market leaders for smart refrigerators. But when it comes to LG vs Samsung, which is better?

LG vs Samsung: the LG InstaView Refrigerator in a kitchen, stood beside white floating countertops
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With LG and Samsung making some of the best, smart tech, high-spec refrigerators on the market, a classic refrigerator model is no longer good enough. In union, these two brands have introduced mini doors, interior cameras, and smart features that rival most tablets, let alone kitchen appliances. They've successfully established their fridges as the hub of every kitchen and - if that gets your stomach rumbling - you have a tough decision to make: which refrigerator is better: Samsung or LG?

Luckily for you, I've put weeks into researching the best refrigerators on the market. I wrote our best refrigerator buying guide and have been obsessively checking refrigerator deals ever since. To help you settle the LG vs Samsung debate, I've laid out the facts. I have hands-on experience with Samsung, so have done extra research into the LG to balance out my knowledge. 

This article covers every kitchen scenario, so you can decide which one you need in your home, but personally, I'd go for the Samsung. I prefer the smart features, especially the handy camera, and it usually costs less. However, the LG has half a cubic foot more capacity, which may suit you better.

Head to head

Samsung smart refrigerator in a home with white cabinets behind it

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These are both seriously impressive refrigerators. There are basic, numerical discriminators that might help you to make a decision. For example, the capacity and size of the LG is better suited to larger families, but it is also less energy efficient. You'll have priorities, so here's a table setting out the key differences.

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Dimensions70.5 x 35.9 x 33.5 inches35.75 x 70 x 35.5 inches
Total capacity27.1 cu.ft26.5 cu.ft.
MaterialStainless steelFingerprint resistant stainless steel
RRP from brand$2,899$2,199

Aside from statistics, there are obvious stylistic discriminators. The LG is a side-by-side model, which doesn’t suit all users. If you prefer a refrigerator drawer, you’re better off with the Samsung. In fact, my overall impression of the two is that the Samsung is better for families. The hub is a useful feature that can synchronise everyone’s schedules and the internal cameras which can check groceries when you’re in the store is brilliant for busy parents. 

The LG and its InstaView drinks door is a better option for large homes with a slightly higher average age. These kind of homes are more likely to make use of a drinks door for snacking, as everybody is in and out of the house at different times, on different schedules. 

What can the Samsung Smart Refrigerator do?

Samsung 3-Door Family Hub French Door Smart Refrigerator

Packed with premium, smart features, perfect for a range of homes


Dimensions: 35.75 x 70 x 35.5 inches
Total Capacity: 26.5 cu.ft.
Doors: 3
Material: Fingerprint resistant stainless steel

Reasons to buy

Good temperature control
Built-in Alexa
Generous storage capacity
Interior camera for remote viewing
Wide drawers for larger platters
Family hub display

Reasons to avoid

Overcomplicated technology
Bottom drawer is fiddly to clean
Ice maker is a little clunky
Filter needs replacing every 3 months
Buy it if

✅ You need capacity: this has 26.5 cu ft alongside wide and deep shelves
✅ You're forgetful: there's an internal camera so you can check your fridge from the grocers
✅ You want a family tablet: the family hub is like a smart noteboard

Don't buy it if:

❌ You're on a budget: all these extra features come at a cost
❌ You're not a thorough cleaner: the bottom drawer is hard to reach
❌ You're ice obsessed: the ice maker is clunky and imperfect

The bottom line

🔎 Samsung Family Hub: This refrigerator goes above and beyond the basics. The wide, deep shelves have enough capacity for the fullest food shops, but what we really love is all the smart technology, cameras, and family hub.

The features on this refrigerator make it closer to another member of the family rather than a simple appliance. It goes above and beyond the basics, taking the frustration out of busy lives.

Inside are wide, deep shelves and drawers which can fit awkward fruits and large platters. Even if you're hosting a big dinner party, you won't struggle for space. In total, there's a huge 26.5 cu.ft. capacity, so it's perfect for a big family. 

The reason that I recommend this to busy or forgetful families is their innovative internal camera. When you're doing the grocery shopping and wonder what you have in stock and home, there's no chance that you'll double up on food, because you can check the contents of the fridge from your phone. I've tested it: it's no gimmick. The smart features don't stop there: the tablet-like front can do the job of a timer, a noteboard, a calendar, and a smart doorbell all in one. It makes organizing a busy home much easier. 

If we need to find faults, the ice dispenser needs replacing every three months. This is an inevitability with filtered water, but it's also a pain to stack food around and replacing the filter is an ongoing cost. 

Note that the ice dispenser has a water filter which you’ll need to replace every three months. It’s optional and inevitable with filters, but is an ongoing cost. The ice maker is a little clunky for storing food around too.

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Test results
CapacityPlenty of capacity, even for large homes★★★★★
ValueExpensive and filters need replacing★★★★
AppearanceLooks very smart★★★★★
Extra featuresPacked with prmeium extras★★★★★

What can the LG InstaView Refrigerator do?

LG 27 cu. ft. Side-by-Side InstaView Refrigerator

With an abundance of accessories and super smart finish, this is luxurious


Dimensions: 70.5 x 35.9 x 33.5 inches
Total capacity: 27.1 cu.ft
Material: Stainless steel

Reasons to buy

Connects to the SmartThinQ app
Hands-free opening
InstaView screen
Two door feature for easy access
Popular with reviewers 
Looks sleek

Reasons to avoid

Not the most energy efficient
Can be expensive
Side-by-side isn't for everyone
Buy it if

✅ You snack a lot: the drinks door is really useful
✅ You often have your hands full: you can open the fridge with your feet
✅ You're forgetful: you can see inside the refrigerator without opening it

Don't buy it if:

❌ You're on a budget: this is expensive
❌ You like a top or bottom freezer: side-by-side isn't for everyone
❌ You want simplicity: the apps and smart view can be overwhelming

The bottom line

🔎 LG Side-By-Side: kitted out with all the latest tech, this refrigerator can almost be used hands-free. There's a useful mini door for accessing drinks quickly and enough room to fill the fridge for a family.

Whilst the Samsung might sound like it has all your needs covered, LG has thought of a few more that you won't want to be without. It's rare that refrigerators are hands-off and independent, but this really is. If you have your arms full, swiping your foot under the refrigerator will open it up, so you don't have to load and unload onto the surface. 

One of the most talked about features is the panel on the door, which, when tapped, becomes a window. You can see inside the refrigerator without letting all the cool air out and hot air in. That same panel can open up, giving you access to drinks, again, without requiring you to open and expose the whole refrigerator to heat in your home. If you're a serial snacker (like me) you'll appreciate how useful this is. 

And, if that already sounded smart, there's more. LG's app will troubleshoot and monitor your fridge, letting you know everything that you could possibly need to. If the door isn't quite shut, the app will tell you, saving you a lot of food waste. If the filter needs replacing, or things aren't quite right, again, the app has you covered. 

However, every refrigerator has its limits and the LG's are efficiency. Against the Samsung, it's less energy efficient. It's not disastrous, but it could be better. Plus, if you want to kit your refrigerator out with all of the features, you'll end up spending a lot of money.

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Test results
CapacityPlenty of space, even for families★★★★★
ValueExpensive with all the extras★★★★
AppearanceLooks stylish★★★★★
Extra featuresPacked with smart extras★★★★★

Other options

Of course, while both of these are good refrigerators, they're far from the only worthwhile models on the market. I've found plenty of contenders for the best refrigerators


Is the Samsung Family Hub refrigerator any good?

I’ve had hands-on experience with this refrigerator and can attest to its excellence. It feels like a really premium product and all the family hub features are really accessible and easy to use.

Is the LG InstaView refrigerator any good?

The reviews speak for themselves. This is a popular refrigerator and it has plenty of well-considered, useful features.

Final thoughts

Neither model is universally ‘better’, each one is better suited to different users. You’ll have to weigh up the numbers and then think about the extra features: would you use a drinks door and the InstaView or an internal camera and note board. These factors are down to the personal preferences of each household and, quite honestly, I'd enjoy using both.

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