Best chest freezers 2024 – recommended by appliance experts

These are the best chest freezers from household names, like GE, Midea, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and Kenmore.

One of the best chest freezers on the market, a Whirlpool chest freezer
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midea chest freezer

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1. The list in brief ↴
2. Best overall: GE Chest Freezer
3. Best value: Midea Chest Freezer
4.  Best for garages: Frigidaire 14.8 cu ft
5. Best large: GE 21.7 cu ft
6. Best energy efficient: Danby 7.2 cu ft
7. Most versatile: Whirlpool 9 cu ft
8. Best budget: Midea Mini Chest
9. Best portable: Whynter Portable Freezer
10. Best compact: Magic Chef Chest Freezer
13. How to choose
14. How we research

Whether you're hosting around festivities or living in a large household, the freezer always fills up. That's when a good chest freezer comes in handy. You can prep ahead, store any overflow, and not need to worry about catering.

With this in mind, I've researched the best chest freezers on the market. I've written our guide for the best refrigerators, so wanted to find the perfect companion for when your home is that little bit busier. 

After reading through thousands of reviews, I've narrowed down the best options for every household. Whether you need a compact and portable option or one with deep, unfillable capacity, there will be one for you. From household names such as GE, Whirlpool, and Frigidaire, to chest freezer specialists, these are the best on the market. Some even double-up as refrigerators.

The quick list

Here's a short introduction to out top picks. If you want to find out more, we dive deep into the details further down our guide.

The best chest freezers 2024

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The best chest freezers in 2024

The best chest freezer overall

1. GE Chest Freezer

A do-it-all, reliable chest freezer for family homes


Dimensions: 43.75 x 24 x 33.375 inches
Capacity: 10.74 cubic feet
Temperature range: 0 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit

Reasons to buy

Easy to clean 
Good capacity
Interior light
Works in range of climates
Smaller option available

Reasons to avoid

Have to manually defrost
Lid needs propping up
Buy it if

✅ You'll keep this in the garage: it works in non-climate-controlled areas
✅ You have unreliable power: this keeps cool for two days after power cuts
✅ You have a family home: this has good capacity

Don't buy it if:

❌ You often have your hands full: the lid doesn't prop open
❌ You're not a keen cleaner: this requires manual defrosting
You're short on space: this is quite big

The bottom line

🔎 GE Chest Freezer: perfect for most homes, this offers reliable cooling and considerable capacity. The lid not propping open is annoying though.

If you've owned a GE appliance before, it won't come as a surprise to you that their garage-ready, 10.7 cu ft, manual defrost chest freezer is the best on the market. The general consensus (between customers and experts alike) is that this is the most family-friendly option on the market.

A 10.7 cubic feet capacity might not sound like much, but in a chest freezer, that's considerable. It has plenty of room for a family. Online reviewers described it as 'spacious', but not so deep that you can't reach the bottom. It's often reviewed by large families and praised for its capacity. If that sounds like too much for you, GE makes an identical model, just 2 cu ft smaller, perfect for smaller families.

It also features adjustable temperature controls, which can be accurately adjusted to suit how filled and how frozen you want your contents to be. If you have a power cut and this gets disconnected, the GE will keep your contents frozen for two days and flash a warning light to let you know something is wrong. If this wasn't hardy enough, the GE can work in a range of ambient temperatures, from below freezing to over 100 degrees Fahrenheit. If you've got room in a garage, basement, or shed, this is perfect for putting in there.

When it comes to cleaning, this is good and bad. It's great, because there are two, interior bins, which lift out for a thorough, easy clean. However, it's a manual defrost freezer, so will need you to unplug it and defrost it to avoid any build-up of frost and ice. I wouldn't try to clean it with the bins inside either, because the lid can't prop up. It will most likely fall down onto you, which is very frustrating.

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Test results
SpaceEnough for a family★★★★★
StorageComes with useful baskets★★★★★
ValueGreat for what you get★★★★★

The best value chest freezer

2. Midea Chest Freezer

Quick, quiet, and excellent value, this is a popular model


Dimensions: 21.7"D x 32.1"W x 33.5"H
Capacity: 7 cu ft
Temperature range: -18 to 10 degrees

Reasons to buy

Reasonable price
Neat storage options
Stay-open lid
Quiet and quick

Reasons to avoid

Small warranty period
Limited capacity
Buy it if

✅ You want easy access: this has a neat basket for smaller storage
✅ You have your hands full:
the lid stays open whilst you use it
✅ You're short on space:
this is compact

Don't buy it if:

❌ You like organisation options: this only has the basket
❌ You live on your own:
help on delivery isn't reliable
You're clumsy: this dents relatively easily

The bottom line

🔎 Midea Chest Freezer: popular amongst reviewers, this compact, speedy freezer offers everything you might want. Just be careful not to dent it.

Chest freezers can get expensive and, whilst I don't recommend cutting costs too much, there are places you can save money. Midea's 7.0 cu ft model is the perfect balance of cost and quality.

In reviews, the Midea is almost always praised as a durable chest freezer. It's not the biggest on the market, so the people who own one tend to describe their spaces as 'small' or 'urban'. In line with this, it's also lightweight and easy to move around the home, another perk of being a little smaller than others. 

Even though this is inexpensive, lots of customer reviews say that this has exceeded their expectations and stood the test of time. They've had theirs for years and are still enjoying it at full capacity. It's quiet, it's energy efficient, and offers an adjustable thermostat which ranges from -12 degrees to -28 degrees Fahrenheit.

Accessing the Midea is also easy. The door stays open at whichever angle you choose, so you're free to dive deep into the freezer without the lid closing in on you. Midea includes a basket for smaller foods that you might want to keep high up. Most people thought this was really useful, but some felt that it got in the way of their storage capacity. If you want capacity, this might be a bit small. I'd recommend it for homes of one person or a couple, no more.

I actually struggled to find criticism with this. The biggest issue people had was storage solutions inside: some wanted more compartments and baskets, others wanted less. It's a very personal decision, so I think Midea is probably doing a good job as they are.

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Test results
SpaceEasy to maximize on capacity★★★★★
StorageSome people would like more options★★★★
ValueExcellent value★★★★★

The best large chest freezer