The best time to buy kitchen appliances, helping you find the best bargains

When it comes to snagging the best deals on kitchen appliances, timing is everything

Best time to buy kitchen appliances
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There's no better feeling than knowing you've snagged a great deal, and when shopping for kitchen appliances – which often come at a high price – getting the best deal usually comes down to timing. 

You can spend hours scouring the web for the best price for the kitchen product you love, however, the best way to save some money while choosing the best kitchen appliances is to understand discount trends according to the time of year and the manufacturer's selling patterns. 

We asked our kitchen appliance experts when the best time to buy kitchen appliances is and they provided all the answers, plus some top tips for how to get the best deals. By aligning your purchases with these periods, you can find the perfect balance of cost and quality, whether shopping for gifts, for appliances for your small kitchen.

Best time to buy kitchen appliances

Whether you are looking for the best time to buy a refrigerator, oven, wine fridge, coffee maker or air fryer, the same basic patterns apply: 'The best times are usually during new model rollouts, holiday weekends, and end-of-year sales.' explains Steven Perez, founder of Kitchen and Range Hood.

By staying vigilant to these you can be sure that you are investing in high-quality appliances that meet your culinary needs at great prices. 

1. Holiday sales

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One of the best approaches for acquiring kitchen appliances at a favorable cost is to strategically align your purchase with seasonal promotions and sales events.

'Holiday weekends, like Memorial Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, and Cyber Monday, offer competitive prices due to high consumer demand and special promotions,' says Steven Perez. 

'Additionally, consider buying appliances during seasonal transitions,' says Sarah Johnson, an appliance expert and kitchen advisor from Big Air Fryers. 'For example, refrigerators and freezers may be discounted in late fall as retailers make room for holiday-related appliances.'

These occasions see a significant reduction in prices, making it an opportune time to invest in high-quality appliances for less.

2. December or January (end of year sales)

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'Year-end sales, particularly in December and January, are ideal as stores clear inventory for new stock,' explains Steven Perez.

This makes the end of the year an opportune time to snag significant discounts on older models or display units.

Retailers often offer clearance sales and bundle deals to make space for the next year's inventory, making it a cost-effective time to acquire both the appliance and its necessary components.

'Retailers and salespeople also have quotas to meet at the end of the month or quarter. During these times, they may be more willing to negotiate on prices or offer additional incentives to meet their targets,' advises Sarah Johnson.

3. End of the financial year

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'Additionally, the end of the month or fiscal quarter is when retailers may be more motivated to meet sales quotas, potentially leading to better negotiation opportunities for consumers,' advises Serena Grandi, CEO and marketing director at Atosa

'Keeping an eye on these timing factors can help you secure the best deals and upgrade your kitchen without breaking the bank.' 

4. September or October (New model releases)

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Another strategy for optimizing your kitchen appliance purchases is by staying informed about manufacturers' product release cycles. 

'When new appliance models are set to hit the market (typically in September and October), last year's models are often sold at reduced prices. This is a fantastic time for buyers looking for high-quality appliances without the latest bells and whistles,' says Moe a kitchen specialist at Fabuwood.

By monitoring these release patterns and planning your purchase around the launch of new models, you can capitalize on reduced prices for their existing, yet still highly functional, kitchen appliances.

'If your big appliance isn't equipped with some revolutionary new technology (which is uncommon for these kinds of appliances), buying the prior year's model is a terrific method to save money. As a general rule, when the models for this year are released, sales of the models from previous year begin,' explains Bitu Aulakh, managing director at Morni Tandoor.

'New ranges and ovens typically appear towards the end of the year, while dishwashers typically make their appearance in September and October. Those who are dying for a brand-new refrigerator should look for deals around May. 

'It's usually a good idea to wait and monitor prices over time if you're not in a rush to replace a malfunctioning appliance.'  

5. Off-season (Late spring or early summer)

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Buying appliances during off-peak seasons, typically during late spring or early summer, might not attract as many promotional offers but could result in lower demand, leading to better deals and potentially more negotiation room with sellers.

For example, pizza ovens may be more affordable during the winter months, while grills could see significant price drops in the fall.


What is the best day of the week to buy kitchen appliances for discounts?

'Shopping on Thursdays may yield savings since some retailers mark down items ahead of weekend rushes,' explains Steven Perez, founder of Kitchen and Range Hood.

Many stores start their weekend promotions early, offering a wider selection before the weekend sales.

How can I get money off my next kitchen appliances?

'Some retailers offer trade-in programs where you can exchange old appliances for discounts on new one,' explains Sarah Johnson. 'This can be a good way to save money while upgrading your kitchen.'

Additionally, you can look for energy-efficient appliance rebates for extra savings.

Why is it a good idea to buy kitchen appliances during retailer promotions?

'Keep an eye out for manufacturer or retailer promotions,' recommends Sarah Johnson. 'These can include specific appliance sales events, package deals (buying multiple appliances together), or rebate offers that can provide additional savings.'

Retailers may offer additional incentives during these events, such as free installation services, extended warranty options or complementary kitchen accessories, amplifying the overall value of the purchase.

'Always be sure to compare prices across multiple retailers, read reviews, and negotiate with salespeople who may be able to offer additional discounts or perks like free installation or delivery when making your purchase,' advises Sarah Johnson.

'Additionally, it's advisable to research and plan ahead, so you can take advantage of the best deals when they become available.'

We have plenty of reviews for all the best kitchen appliances if you want a reliable guide, to help you find the best products.

As well as researching model features, remember to account for delivery costs and installation services when calculating your total expenses. Consider the lifespan and energy efficiency of appliances, as an initial discount can be offset by future operating costs.

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